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You know when you're really struggling at a game and you resort to dropping the difficulty? And when you defeat a massive boss, you're often rewarded with something cool? And when you your stuck at some point you get a clue? Not in this game. Dark Souls returns to gamings roots and disregards all modern concepts with it. Find out what Team Havok think of the World of Dark Souls.

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grahf2434d ago

Woah! Can't read the review, the white text on the Dark Knight background = instant headache!

masbartlett2434d ago

Hey, Sorry. What browser do you use as its not an issue on most (i thought all)?

grahf2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

IE 8.0.6001, its a work PC so I can't go upgrading on my own.
For the record, it looks slightly better on Firefox. The background gradient helps a little, but there are some really bright spots on the left side of that pic (a variant happens to be my desktop background!) so it still makes it a little hard to read.

Hope that helps

Edit: Also in the interest of helping out... When on IE and the page first loads, it looks like the gradient background of those frames pops in for about 1/4 of a second and then vanish, I didn't notice it until I was actually looking for it.

Kyosuke_Sanada2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

=Spoiler ahead!!!=

I have to agree with this article when it comes to the PVP. I remember one time where it was a party of two who were abusing the the "forest invasion" by the host having a real high level party player and needless to say they both have the ring of fog. It made disregard the forest pact due to going to the same world 6 times to become fodder.

The patch for the better matchmaking and balancing of the ring with other weapons needs to come as soon as it is ready because I really want to give the PVP portion of the game a chance but people found out a way to abuse it way too early.

Other than that, favourite game this year ^^.

zerocrossing2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

=Spoiler ahead!!!=

I think I upset the cat thing in the forest during my 1st play through, because it pretty much told me to Pi** off! lol xD

I'll have to give that PVP covenant a go this time round, I do hope they get that patch up soon though, sounds like a killer bug :/

Kyosuke_Sanada2434d ago

=Even More Spoilers!!= XD

Well you can always go to the priest inside of the Undead Parish and he pretty much rests the status of any NPC you have angered but for a very hefty fee (2000 Souls x the current level).

It's costly but its good to see From looking for people who actually makes honest mistakes.

Because it is only human to commit a sin....


zerocrossing2434d ago


Lol nice! XD

I didn't know about that, thanks for the heads up!