NowGamer: Battlefield 3 Campaign 'Uninspiring'

"It's popcorn-blockbuster fare that plays out across countless, heavily scripted set-pieces, uninspiring QTE sections and genuinely boring on-rails moments."

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Iroquois_Pliskin2337d ago


lol jk Havent played the game, yet. When i do, ill judge for myself.

iamnsuperman2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

I have heard this a lot. Behind the high scores the single player seems to rated pretty poorly. For me a game is as good as its weakest feature. Especially when it comes to single player. With around 78% (last year figures and also just in the US-only figures I can find) of PS3 connected 28% cannot play multiplayer. Its not as bad if it was the other way round but still.

NYC_Gamer2337d ago

this franchise never had any type of single player mode always been pure multiplayer

Jobesy2337d ago

You guys are full of excuses.

NYC_Gamer2337d ago

what excuse?this franchise has never been about single player....

Tachyon_Nova2336d ago

The thing is BC2's campaign was pretty good and it felt like Battlefield should. Big maps, dynamic gameplay, plus the characters had some personality. BF3's campaign on the other hand doesnt even attempt to feel like Battlefield.

perfectCarbonara2337d ago

These guys should just get to work on Mirrors Edge 2 already.

CYCLEGAMER2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

I was thinking the same thing, but couldn't think of the right word for it, and "uninspiring"fits my thoughts perfectly. The graphics are good, and the sound effects are AMAZING!! However I do not feel drawn to finish this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.