Battlefield 3 Launch Issues and New Gameplay Vids

By now, many gamers in NA and other regions of the world should have their hands on Battlefield 3. As expected, a launch this big is not without its small hiccups.

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joeyisback2310d ago

recoil sucks the guns like jumping around when shootin hope dice fixes it soon thats the only problem so far

Mister_V2310d ago

Yeah, but I'm so happy with all the improvements they've made since the Beta. I'm sure fixing these new bugs and issue will be a cake walk for them.

TooTall192309d ago


That's neither a bug or a gameplay issue. Start 'shootin' in bursts.

Criminal2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

I'm going to pick it up in 1 hour. I can't wait! I hope all the issues will be ironed out.

Nitrowolf22309d ago

I just got my copy can't wait to pop it in. Hopefully these fixes are soon,but i heard it's running a ton better then before

Mister_V2309d ago

Prepare for a long-ass wait if you want to install everything and enter all your pre-order/online pass codes haha.

Hufandpuf2309d ago

It didn't take too long for me, the update was 1o mins max, and the install was surprisingly fast for console.

Nitrowolf22309d ago

didn't take long for me at all (PS3)

Septic2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

We get this on Friday in the UK :(

Criminal2309d ago

Oh that's terrible. They should have 1 release date for all territories.

bozebo2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Especially when it was made in Europe :/

Clayman2309d ago

Exactly. I have even seen the DICE studio building several times here in Stockholm. I should get it first!!

arjman2309d ago

I'm in the UK playing it right now, I'll give ya a hint...I'm also in Korea ;)

ThatHappyGamer2309d ago

Only PC gamers can access using proxy. :(

Septic2309d ago

Right, I'm 'moving' to Korea too ;)

bozebo2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Have they changed how the bipod deploys on PC?

Seriously I have 108 keys and 7 mouse buttons why does it have to be the same button as ADS? Hopefully just a beta thing.

MasterD9192309d ago

What sort of issues are people experiencing? Just wondering...

Haven't picked up my copy yet.

Mister_V2309d ago

Mostly seem to be on the PC atm.

mastahmind2309d ago

if you run with dual gfx card it microstutters like no other.. the beta didn't do that for me but the official does.. if i play it windowed i get half the fps but the microstutter is gone ? -_-'