What We Want to See in Grand Theft Auto V

Nightmare Mode puts their hundreds of hours playing the Grand Theft Auto series to good use to provide you with some thoughts on what the newest game, Grand Theft Auto V, should have. More cheating, more tanks, a new setting, and a similarly themed storyline feature prominently.

Nico Bellic also gets hit in the head with a car. Nico Bellic!

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Hazmat132374d ago

fun things to do in the city we are going to.

SJPFTW2374d ago

gun play was kinda clunky in GTA 4. hope they implement Red Dead's mechanics. Shooting and going into cover was nearly flawless

e-p-ayeaH2374d ago

oh dear so much hype this game is getting and we only know the frikin logo!

Yardie2374d ago

I definitely agree with the "not too silly" and better controls.

but i think the most important thing is character customization, like in San Andreas, it was really fun to just role play. i remember dressing up as a hill-billy, running around and beating women up whilst calling them Sharlene.

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