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There we are again for a new episode of The Truth of Animus. This time we analyze the demo E3 of new Assassin's Creed Revelation becasue... There an hidden message, also here, yes.

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iamnsuperman2490d ago

That is some interesting stuff. The thing about Assassin's Creed numbers mostly relate to dates that are more likely meaningless but have a slight possibility of being a hint and so send people off in different directions. Very cleaver. It is the only series that I personally look outside the game for hints about what things mean and where it will go. Very cleaver to weave current/past events into a fictional story so well. Assassin's Creed story, to me, is the best because of the back story that it plays into being real events and how current events are weaved in. Makes you look at past events with conspiracy eyes. For me no game has ever done that to me

ItsMeAgain2489d ago

This is like 2-3 months old.

VGNetwork2488d ago

Hi there! Really this information is not 2-3 months old, but it's an information of 4 or 5 months ago.
If you had read some of our article more than the introduction you would rear that our article it's a reporting of an italian blog that decrypt all this AC mysteries :).
Our collaboration with this blog started this month and we are slowly reporting all article. That it the reason because you see an information about 4 or 5 months ago.

However, we are reporting (and also we have already reported some) a lot of interesting and new information. We hope that you can find more interesting and stay tuned.

ItsMeAgain2488d ago

My bad then. Imma take a full look at it now.

ItsMeAgain2488d ago

Well, you were right mate. Apologize.