GTA 5 Logo 'Not Quite An Announcement' - Pachter

NowGamer: Analyst Michael Pachter not wrapped up in GTA hype.

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Bleach2490d ago

Well considering we have heard literally nothing about GTAV i would say this constitutes an announcement.

skyward2490d ago

Please don't be more than 2 years away....

omi25p2489d ago

I thought the release date was 2nd of September 2012

Jamzluminati2490d ago

Patcher needs to shut the fuck up

Laxman2490d ago

Oh god, I cant agree more. This guy is a dick.

Bereaver2490d ago

It seems like he's trying to downplay it because there's so many people making a big deal about it.

xer02490d ago

GTA IV fealt a little rushed so I'm excited to see if GTA V makes a distinct improvement!

shikamaroooo2490d ago

If you think gta 4 was rushed your an idiot

Blacktric2490d ago

He probably meant that it wasn't as good as San Andreas or Vice City. And you should calm the hell down.

xer02490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Who took a crap in your breakfast this morning?

Thanks! :) That's exactly what I meant.

Bleach2489d ago

GTAIV was so far away from being rushed as you can get. The detail that is in the game is unlike anything i have ever seen.

TimmyShire2490d ago

Of course it's an announcement. It's a logo, from Rockstar, proving it's in existence.

I for one think GTA IV - while good - was a little limited, kind of in the way GTA III was in hindsight. I think GTA V should be the one to look out for.

ZombieAssassin2490d ago

Ha of course he isn't caught up in the hype, pretty sure Rockstar doesn't like him...I remember reading something about Patcher saying they wouldn't send him a copy of their games.

Auld2490d ago

Again Pachter proves he is a dumbass, I hate how he is somehow the go-to guy as far as analysts go in the gaming industry. How did he earn this status?

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The story is too old to be commented.