Ed Boon wants to see Ryu and Ken in Mortal Kombat

IncGamers: Netherrealm keen on the idea of a new crossover.

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Bobbytheblobby2373d ago

i'd rather see cammy get her one-piece outfit ripped off

FragGen2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

I want to see Ed Boon in the unemployment line. MK needs to innovate for the next generation of consoles. I don't think crossovers with other old, tired, franchises are the answer. :)

Quagmire2373d ago

No love for Tekken? Would love to see Devil Kazuya use his demon laser eye thingy for a fatality.

SOD_Delta2373d ago

I would love to see Ryu and Ken in MK. Only so I can do fatalitys to them heheheh.

VTKC2373d ago

Would be interesting but I cant imagine how Ken or Ryu having fatalities. Its out of character for them to kill anyone. The thought disturbs me. Akuma, M.Bison and Vega could. I can imagine them being murderous.

nyobzoo2373d ago

would be interesting but then I can't see the game being rated M

maawdawg2373d ago

I agree, they would have to tone it down like the MK v DC game. Capcom isn't going to have Ken and Ryu getting their heads chopped off or their skin ripped off, ever. They are far too protective of those characters to have them shown in any way but their current fighting format.

As a fighting game fan it would be great to see but I am dubious that this would ever happen and even moreso that it would be done well.

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