Dengeki PlayStation review scores (10/25)

Check out the latest review scores from Dengeki PlayStation.

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Michael-Jackson2459d ago

Uncharted 3 – 95/80/95/90
Final Fantasy Type-0 (PSP) – 90/90/95/90
Idolmaster 2 (PS3) – 90/85/95/70

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MaideninBlack2459d ago

Dammit! All U3 needed was another 90 to beat out Type-0!

Jappy-k72459d ago

great scores for Final Fantasy Type-0!
based on my extensive experience with the demo, Type-0 may be the best FF game on psp since Crisis Core.
really hope it comes to vita too

IaussieGamer2459d ago

wtf i can't make heads or tales of that stupid web site in the link.

ABizzel12458d ago

The odd review out of the bunch.

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