Battlefield 3 PS3 Review -

Battlefield 3 confirms almost all the high expectations announced by DICE

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lorianguy2488d ago

You pretty much summed it all up nicely there :)

josephps32488d ago

Is it just me or did anyone else have a hard time reading the article because its written in Italian and the Google Translation is confusing? But I did get the overall message-amazing.

MasterD9192488d ago

This is a game that isn't really getting helpful reviews right now from gamers who bought it last night.

From the review sites like this it seems to be legit but all of the actual comments I'm reading on BB & Amazons review sections are pretty ridiculous as it seems a lot of COD fans are going out of their way to just knock on this game by rating it 1 star or people are saying that its the greatest game ever and giving it 5 stars without even making it to the game menu yet. Not really the best opinions to follow...

Stupidity at its best.