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IncGamers: HoMM6 (and no, I'm not going to abbreviate it as M&M:H6) is a vastly streamlined entry into the series. Broadly speaking it's much the same as its predecessors: you build up an empire in a turn-based fashion by fortifying cities, hiring mythical creatures, and sending them out with heroes to capture resources and battle your foes in tactical battles. Your heroes level up, gather equipment, and eventually become unstoppable forces of destruction which stand at the sidelines of battles, either hurling spells or launching individual attacks.

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Lelldorianx2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Quote from the article:

"The Heroes of Might & Magic series (now, for some inexplicable reason, rebranded the Might & Magic: Heroes series) has always confused me for one very minor reason: the only people I know who've played it without me introducing them to it are women."

That's incredibly sexist.