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EG: "Battlefield didn't need to be more like Call of Duty to succeed, it just had to double down on what it was already good at."

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Pintheshadows2486d ago

What is with the 8s Eurogamer? Are you saving a 10 for Skyrim?

StraightPath2486d ago

Eurogamer giving alot of 8s...wonder what Skyrim or Zelda will get :P

tepkisiz2486d ago

They also gave BRINK an 8. So BF3 is only as "good" as BRINK? :D

Pintheshadows2486d ago

I forgot about that. No accounting for taste I guess. Brink was poor.

I really wanted BF3 campaign to be special. I'm not really a fan of MP in general. I really can't decide. I loved BC2 so I tempted to give it a go. Even if it's just once.

TheDareDevil2486d ago

Two different people reviewed the game. Keyword - different.

VvKILLAGOOSEvV2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

They also gave Uncharted 3 an 8. So according to them, BRINK, UC3 and BF3 are all on the same level...

Horny2486d ago

I just about always disagree with eurogamer scores. I still consider all reviews though.

frostypants2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

"Which leaves multiplayer, which is predictably - and thankfully - excellent......If Battlefield was a superlative multiplayer game in previous incarnations, it's never been better than this."

DONE. Everything else is irrelevant to me (and dare I say most experienced BF fans). I can't wait to play this tonight. Tomorrow's gonna be rough. :-)

Hufandpuf2486d ago

^truth, that's all I needed to hear.

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wenaldy2486d ago

Bad premise on review. *smh*

Soldierone2486d ago

Why are we all comparing it to Call of Duty as a reviewer? I not once have compared it to COD. Instead compare it to Bad Company 2 or even Killzone for that matter.

COD is COD, this is clearly not COD.

retrofly2486d ago

By the sounds of it SP and Co-op is just like COD!

lastdual2486d ago

Maybe because the campaign is a linear experience styled after COD, rather than a more open Battlefield experience like BC1?

And honestly, if you want to blame anyone for all the COD references, blame EA. They're the ones who have been relentlessly trumpeting BF3 as the game to replace COD.

Soldierone2486d ago

Wasn't blaming anyone, it was literally a question lol. As a reviewer I don't see it fit to review the game based on it being a COD "clone." or anything of that nature.

When people review COD they base the new one off the previous one. Bad Company 2 was a killer game, so why cant BF3 be compared to that instead within a review?

I've yet to jump into the SP. Want my surround sound on for it, and well playing it at midnight like that isn't a great idea. In otherwords I don't have an opinion on that just yet.

frostypants2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

Soldierone, the problem seems to be that they tried to be like CoD in the campaign, and from what I'm hearing the campaign doesn't even feel like it's part of the same game.

But if one part had to be underwhelming, I'm glad it's the single player. Historically, BF *is* online play (none of the BF games outside of BC1 and BC2 even had campaigns). Frankly I think they should have just left the campaign out entirely.

And according to this review, the online play is the best in the entire series. To me, nothing else matters.

Honestly, how many people WON'T just go straight to online play when they fire this up?

PS4OUR2486d ago

MW3 to get a 10. You can quote me on that.

Wizziokid2486d ago

if MW3 get's a 10 it's only because they paid for a 10

NuclearDuke2486d ago

"Those who buy the game for multiplayer likely won't care that these elements aren't up to par, but what stings most is the thought of what DICE could have done to evolve and expand its multiplayer design skills if the mantra of "BEAT COD" hadn't been drummed so relentlessly into the development process. Battlefield didn't need to be more like Call of Duty to succeed, it just had to double down on what it was already good at. Hopefully that's a lesson that will be learned by the time Battlefield 4 roars into view."


I don't get why they said that...I picked it up at Midnight, then played for 7 hours straight even though I had to get up with my twin babies at 8 in the morning, blood shot eyes and all because I was too damn addicted to the online...and nothing, I mean NOTHING resembles CoD in this game.

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