Battlefield 3: Destruction 3.0 - A Huge Fail?

Battlefield 3 features Destruction 3.0, a feature like the one known from Bad Company 2. But this time it's less extensive than it's predecessor - and it's sometimes not looking very authentic too.

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ArchangelMike2222d ago

Suspension of Disbelief people, suspension of disbelief.
The gamne is not made so that every single thing can be destroyed. That is not the point of the game. Destructibility is supposed to be an incidental element to the overall experience of the game. Destruction was never ment to be the point of the game. In anycase, you would need stupid processing power to enable every single thing in the game to be destructible. Nevermind the fact that it would break the game anyway.

Spenok2221d ago

This man speaks sense, unlike this article....

GunofthePatriots2221d ago

I think the destruction is awesome. almost everything can be blown to bits.

Shackdaddy8362221d ago

Basically, I figured that if you can go right behind the wall, you can destroy it.

My theory seems to be true from what I've played...

Xalaris2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

I seriously believe that Google translated articles shouldn't be allowed here, I hate having to waste time trying to comprehend this broken Engrish shit. Stopped @ like the third sentence.

Hufandpuf2221d ago

Who said anything about destruction 3.0?

Somebody2221d ago

No wonder there was a sense of confusion at the back of my mind mind when I glanced briefly at the title's title.

You're right. I never heard of Destruction 3.0 ever said by anyone from DICE. Unless...I'm confused about that too...

ambientFLIER2221d ago

Fire whole clip into cardboard boxes = nothing. Fire 3 bullets into wooden pallet = pallet explodes into tiny shards and disappears. Lol...

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The story is too old to be commented.