Battlefield 3: Bugs, Glitches and more - This is looking bad...

Okay, Battlefield 3 looks great. But there are of course some bugs and glitches. Here's a video showing you some of them. Sorry. Not embedable.

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Wizziokid2492d ago

nothing a patch won't fix. keep in mind this is a new engine, wait for MW3 no doubt that will be buggy as hell and that's an ancient engine now

da_2pacalypse2492d ago

lol "this is looking bad"... Dear Author, have you played BF3? nothing looks bad in it... NOTHING!

PS. 50 bucks says MW3 will have a care package glitch when the game is released and it will take them like 2 months to fix it while BF3 will get very frequent updates (like BC2 did).

aawells072492d ago

Why are bringing up MW3?

aawells072492d ago

This is a article about BF3. Why are bringing up MW3?

Boody-Bandit2492d ago

"nothing a patch wont fix"

How about nothing testing your game before you release it wont fix?

Drake_Seraphim2492d ago

Having actually played the game for five hours now, I haven't ran in to any bugs. Plus it's recieving universal praise from all the major reviewers. What a troll of an article. btw, great game.

kmanmx2492d ago

This is news ?

Show me a bug free game, then i'll try to act surprised.

Vortex3D2492d ago

Gamers love to play game with full of bugs because they can't wait. Waiting is not an option.

$60 = play now + bugs.

Hufandpuf2492d ago

If its in singles player, who cares.

optimus2492d ago

i do. that's what i bought the game for.

Hufandpuf2492d ago

And why would you go and do that? The single player is short and pales in comparison to the multiplayer.

optimus2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Well, for the most part multiplayer shooting tends to bore me after about 30 min. Somehow running around shooting strangers to try and get the most kills and listening to them talk nonsense isn't my idea of fun...

and since there are a lot of people that pose the same question as to why buy it if not for the multiplayer? I wonder then why bother even attaching a single player story to it and sell it simply as a mutiplayer disk?
If mutiplayer is so popular why aren't there a barrage of games on the market that are strictly multiplayer??...

storydriven videogames started out as amazing single player experiences but I guess kids today don't know that.

Sobari2492d ago

Not everyone plays competitive multiplayer. I never play a game online, unless it's co-op with a friend. The only thing I've ever got out of playing competitive multiplayer is a steady loss of respect for humanity.

RyuCloudStrife2492d ago

as always a buggy and glitch filled BF game, and supposedly they had these 'fixed' BWAAHAHAHAHA

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