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" It is the perfect companion piece for those who loved the first game and who want more events to try. Some of the sports really shine as great uses of the new Motion Control technology, and the title would be perfectly acceptable was it simply a Darts and Baseball simulator; those sports are just so good. The fact that most of the featured events are so easy to pick up and play make so much sense to even non-gamers, really helping to exemplify what Kinect is all about. Now with voice control and even less barriers between the player and the sport, you really ARE the controller, more than ever before."

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Bigpappy2455d ago

Love K-Sports! Full online play means I can beat up on my nieces and nephews no matter where they are. Oh, and their moms and dads too.

EVILDEAD3602455d ago

They had me at...

'Darts is another very successful event and is probably the most pick up and play out of the whole lot.'

I've been trying to find the perfect dart game for motion control systems since Wii.

Currently Top Darts for the Move has the crown, but I'm really glad to hear K. Sports may be really good as well.

The biggest draw was a fun golf game. After playing the demo, I'm simply amazed at what the devs have pulled off. It bring the fun and simplicity of the old Hot Shots golf to motion controls. Easier pick up and play than the Wii and the voice controlled change of clubs is an ingenious touch.

Motion Sports already showed Kinect could do Football, but this looks like just a fun add on as well as baseball.

The whole package looks to simply add to of the funnest motion controlled games this gen within 1 year of Kinect being on the market.

Kudos to Rare and Big Park..

Day one for me..and I can't even say that about DC2


GodisaGeek2455d ago

I didn't review it, but Darts is really fun! It's hard to describe, you kinda have to play it - but it's my favourite sport on the disc!

EVILDEAD3602455d ago

Definately looking forward to it. The question I have is this simply 501 or does the dart game have to option to play cricket as well?

GodisaGeek2455d ago

It's neither, it's 301 if I recall.

I was amazed when you had to "get out", as I never thought the precision would work - but I had a 3 dart out, was an incredible feeling.

EVILDEAD3602455d ago

lol..that's awesome that the accuracy is that good. 301 is fine because literally anyone can pick up and play it, but I'm hoping for a cricket DLC in the future.

Thanks for the info

000000000000000000012455d ago

Looking forward to trying out the Golf game!

EVILDEAD3602455d ago

Play the demo. It's on Xbox live right now. Completely sold me on how fun it would be.

GodisaGeek2455d ago

Golf is also excellent - took me aback how fun it was.