How Gameplay Animation In GTA V Will Look

As you are all probably aware, Rockstar officially announced GTA V today. However, all the chaps over at Rockstar teased us with was a logo and the date of when the initial trailer for what is most likely the most highly anticipated title right now.

Fortunately enough for you though, due to a chance encounter with an industry professional about two weeks ago, we here at StickTwiddlers are able to bring you a brief glimpse of what gameplay animation in GTA V will most probably look like.

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Oldman1002370d ago

Great investigation work. He seems to be a pretty talented animator. Oh and holy crap! Check out a this new hd eight days trailer that was uploaded a few months ago.

Pintheshadows2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Oh my god, I want that! Why did you cancel it Sony? Why?

Did you notice the Die Hard 4 chase music?

StickTwiddlers2370d ago

Latest word on Eight Days is that it's still on hold.

Believe me, I'm wanting to find out exactly what's happening with it! The gameplay looks incredible.

MaxXAttaxX2370d ago

Hope it comes out at some point.

HappyGaming2370d ago

This means nothing though for GTA V...
He is the lead animator but for example ND have made other games in the past and the characters did not move in the same way. He has to adapt for the style of the game!

hiredhelp2370d ago

Eight Days Will be back not canned its been picked back up works on going.
Just if and when we hear anything hopfully next year.

ABizzel12370d ago

Whoever thought making Move, Eye Pet, and Singstar were a better ideas than Eight Days need to be fired.

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StraightPath2370d ago

Pretty nice animations, kinda funny how they run looks really coool :D Can not wait to see GTA 5 in action.

xPhearR3dx2370d ago

They animations look fantastic, but at the same time they're kind of annoying because it doesn't look that seamless. You can tell when the player hit the button to perform a certain animation.

dktxx22370d ago

I think that's just a lack of polish. If they ever finish the game I'm sure the animations would be more seamless.

thehitman2370d ago

Oh wow i never seen that vid of 8days that was pretty amazing UC status gameplay.

KaBaW2370d ago

It was really disappointing when they put Eight Days on hold/cancelled.
I Was looking forward to that game for the longest time, it looks phenomenal.

cb4g2370d ago

That really was some good investigation work from the journalist. Kudos to Sticktwiddlers for actually reporting something constructive.

specialguest2370d ago

Eight Days is technically no longer that impressive in my opinion. This was stuff that wowed us all during the launch of the PS3, but now games like Uncharted 2 or 3 trumps it.

Legion2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Wow, that is the largest clip I have ever seen in a gun! He must have had over a thousand rounds in that baby, because he kept shooting those cars and didn't reload once! ha

Good visuals, hopefully their won't be too much rail shooting as the most of that clip was one long rail shooter sequence. Cinematic... but I don't care for rail shooting portions in games too much.

In Ghost Recon (or any war game for that matter) it was always the helicopter rail shooting. Gears of War had the part were you first get your flying mount. And a pseudo rail shooting portion in Rolling Thunder where you are basically on a rail but can move from place to place on the Rig you are riding.

Game developers seem to love to throw these types of sections into their games but I would rather forget these scripted portions and get a little better game play added in.

8 days looks promising... I like the way the 2 characters reacted to each other when changing positions in cover. With the guy that was covering on the car treating his partner as an object when passing by him. Even had character interaction that looked realistic.

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slavish2370d ago

i was kind of hoping this would stay in development as a next xbox ps4 title... oh well

b163o12370d ago

Its does look better then a lot of current games. Excluding the usual......

DeadManMcCarthy2370d ago

lol rockstar rubbing it in the face of sr the thirds faces with this announcement.

StraightPath2370d ago

Imagine if they released the trailer on the day Saints Row The Third was released? Oh my that would be a killer...

Saints Row influence is GTA but SR Third is looking pretty fun and ridiculous too :D But Ill pick it up later. Skyrim number 1 priority.

Quagmire2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

I would buy both games. Just saying. Plus releasing a trailer on SR3 release may be funny, but it wouldnt make people hold their money for a game which will take about 2 years to release after SR3

I wish they would release a GTA HD Collection first, though

StickTwiddlers2370d ago

I'm hoping that Rockstar keep GTA V down the more serious route and leave the crazy, over-the-top fun to Saints Row.

RDR really showed off with how well Rockstar can tell a story and have some great gameplay.

BluePumpkin72370d ago

@Quagmire why do you people keep saying that the game will take two years to get released ?
they've probably started working on it right after gta iv and maybe it would take a little less than a year and a half for it to get released

Quagmire2370d ago

I read somewhere they were using the Mocap facial tech once used for L.A.Noire by a developer know as Team Bondi before they were shutdown.

KaBaW2370d ago

Team Bondi was shut down? Why? o.O

Pintheshadows2370d ago

They owed a lot of money to various debtors due to the astronomical cost of developing LA Noire.

scotchmouth2370d ago

No one really liked the way they treated employees. Costs aside they blackballed themselves once word got out of the working conditions.

LoneWanderer092370d ago

Holy crap hopefully the Trailer for GTAV will show some real gameplay

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