Rumor: GTA 5 Set In Las Vegas

Today Rockstar annnounced a trailer for GTA 5. No further informtions are available right now. But there are rumors about the setting. Here's one stating that GTA 5 is set in Las Vegas.

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gillri2337d ago

I would always have loved a GTA set in las Vegas, simply becasue it'll be smaller than an LA or New York (Liberty city) setting

which means you can get more detail in and not have so much window dressing buildings

Yi-Long2337d ago

... still technically the USA, yet also very different.


We can dream, can't we...!?

EVILDEAD3602337d ago

Vegas would be MONEY (pun intended)


Sexual_Hrrsmnt_Panda2337d ago

Don't be silly it is set in Alaska and you all know it.

boricua822337d ago

if this is true then ill be ok with it,just enough with the NY/LA locations.

Hellsvacancy2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Vegas would be an awesome setting, anyone seen this film?

Would make an awesome mission


I think Vagas has a lot of personality that I can see R* really taking advantage of.

DeadManMcCarthy2337d ago

the washington d.c rumour sounds more realistic especially since the evidence with the bank note and the indian on it had the same logo GTA V.

wherever it is though i know rockstar will have made the right decision. i heard a rumour that it will be huge compared to gta iv so thats a good thing gta iv was too small imo.

gillri2337d ago

I thought it was too big personally, would prefer the size of two those islands in LC and for rockstar to really populate with awesome stuff and building interiors

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The story is too old to be commented.