GTA 5 Announced, Possible 420 Theme, Trailer Coming, Life is Good

Gaming Update's CM Boots-Faubert examines the clues that suggest that GTA 5 will be set in the modern west coast Internet era and include a focus on the 420 Initiative / Medical Marijuana.

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ginsunuva2462d ago

The protagonist will be an old man who fakes pain and gets medical weed for life.
Then he robs cars and kills people and blows stuff up while he's high.
The End.

thebudgetgamer2462d ago

I would buy that, but only if he's crotchety.

GTRrocker2462d ago

GTA 5: Vice City

GTA VC: That was the last game with a good story and characters I actually cared about. Screw Niko and the stereotype from San Andreas.

thebudgetgamer2462d ago

I thought Johnny Klebitz was a good character.

GTRrocker2461d ago

Yeah I liked that DLC pack.

T3MPL3TON 2462d ago

GTR: I can feel it, you wanted to say n*gger didn't you?

GTRrocker2461d ago

No, just didn't like the hood rat angle they went with that game.

Dfooster2462d ago

What if the tutorial was based on your character being a kid this time getting mixed up in small town crime such as car jacking, robbery drug runs etc and then as the game starts proper it moves on to like 10-15 years later.

It might make the first few missions that much more interesting if they make the repercussions for getting caught by the police for small town crimes bigger than a character like niko belic carrying them out. They could even build your notorious level into the full game based on how well you do as a kid. Get caught a lot as a kid and you get noticed by the police more later on in the game but you get more respect from your peers and say better guns given earlier on. And vice versa.