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Bleach2460d ago

I feel like im dreaming, ive been dreaming of this day since i finished GTAIV in 2008

velocitygamer2460d ago

It's definitely San Andreas. I mean, look at the 'Five'. It has a westside feeling, definitely won't suit Vice city or Liberty city.

Quagmire2460d ago

V for Vice City, baby!

I hope it is, but doubt it.

Marceles2460d ago

Blah I hope not...True Crime: Streets of L.A. already did this, and I actually thought they did a pretty good job at the time.

Most of the houses in the residential areas looked the same, but each street had the actual street name in perfect order as if you really were driving around LA.

StanLee2460d ago

I think it will be set in Boston for some reason. That's the first thing I thought when I saw the green "five".

JhawkFootball062459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

It has something to do with money. In their logo they could of just left V, but they put a "FIVE" banner on it. And it the same font as you would see on a US five dollar bill. Also the V is filled something you would see on anti-copyright paper, maybe a bank note as someone mentioned earlier.

Comparison - - -
Five Dollar Bill -

Logo -

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StraightPath2460d ago

We will find out November the 2nd big day for gamers and gta fans :D

Jamzluminati2460d ago

It will be in Vice City. It only makes sense.

Eiffel2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

How? Last game was GTA IV, V is the roman numeral for Five. Unless that V was pink, I don't see the relation to the dollar bill print design they have. Biggest case is that it will take place in San Andreas, specifically Las Venturas.

Big money in fictional Las Vegas

Pintheshadows2460d ago

If it is i'll be sad. Two reasons. GTA has always been a parody of the real world. It should always be LS. And it would indicate that they are going in a more realistic direction again.

I think that was a false rumour anyway. I like the DC theory. Set against the backdrop of a financial crisis and political corruption.

SH0CKW4VE2460d ago

it needs to be more fun and less realistic, the realisim angle really didnt work out for them in GTA IV.

If its GTA IV direction again with LESS content than the older games on PS2, count me out sir.

Quagmire2460d ago

They should have it like Ballad of Gay Tony, the perfect mix of realism and OTT-ness

Me-Time2460d ago

I have to respectfully disagree about GTA needing to be less realistic. GTA IV was great in that aspect. What it lacked was the sort of content and fun features that San Andreas had. The next GTA should be more like GTA IV, but with more variety to its gameplay LIKE San Andreas.

DeadManMcCarthy2460d ago

hope its not real world L.A, i guess it aint gonna be vice city though :( otherwise it would be bright pink or something.

boricua822460d ago

Please god I hope they go back to London on this one,I'm so sick of new york/liberty city and california/san andreas,a new location please.

whitefang19882460d ago

i agree but i think they have the ability to go to a new location even. one that no on is thinking of. I liked the realism aspect of the last one, ofcourse its different for everyone but to be if I want to play unrealistic wacky fun game il go on saints row. i liked the grittyness of GTA 4 although my favorites always been vice :D

Me-Time2460d ago


whitefang1988, thumbs up.

This Third Saints Row will be epic, nonetheless.

Wasn't really feeling it for SR2. it was blah. It was bigger than the first, obviously. It didn't have "substance" though. It lacked me caring at all about the storyline.

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