Catch A Few Minutes Of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker In HD

PushSquare: "One of the best PlayStation Portable games of all time is preparing for its HD re-release, and we've got a couple of minutes of footage to celebrate. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD will launch as part of a Metal Gear Solid HD Collection in the West. Unfortunately Konami's being extremely coy about release details."

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GunofthePatriots2462d ago

can't wait to play with game with 2 analog sticks! :)

2pacalypsenow2461d ago

Got the limited edition pre ordered but is it really worth the extra $30 ??

gdogg6662461d ago

yea thats what im thinkin too i may just drop to the normal price myself and pick it up same time as skyrim :D but all in all 5 games for the less then a normal brand new game price well its well worth it

2pacalypsenow2461d ago

yeah i got peace walker and mgs 4 limited edition so i really want to get this i dont know i have 13 days to think about it