Battlefield 3 Crashes, Lag, Stuttering, Low FPS, Graphics, Origin and Fixes

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Winter47th2491d ago ShowReplies(3)
Hufandpuf2491d ago

Lag must be based on your connection, they have a server browser for a reason (Very little lag for me). Also I haven't noticed any graphical glitches, or any glitches for that matter other than occasional AI pop-in.

Crystallis2491d ago

Same. I've experience very little lag and I've played many games.

da305kratos2491d ago

only lag has been connection issues which are network based...other than that, game looks and runs like a dream.

Conquest Large FTW!

raWfodog2491d ago

Funny how all the #1 posts above are complaining about the 'trolling' of the first poster but they are all reaching troll status themselves :)

C_Menz2491d ago

The only people having problems are those with PC's that cannot run the game, have the wrong drivers installed, or are trying to run the game at higher settings then their PC can handle.

The lag issue is also a non-issue since you can pick and choose servers based on ping and find the ones that best fit your connection. I have about 10 servers listed under favorites on battlelog that have 10-30ms ping on them and I have no issues. If you use matchmaker or just pick at random you may end up in a 100ms+ ping room and experience lag.

tmoss7262491d ago

Anyone know when new AMD drivers will be out?

nitrogav2491d ago

Christ , now i know why i game on ps3 , i would take the inferior graphics any day and not have to cope with all them glitches !! .

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