Rage Review (TecStories)

TecStories: Yes. John Carmack needed some more zero-gravity money so he went all out, got doom 1 legalized in Germany, pretended Daikatana never happened, and the he released a semi-unfinished game to the PC world, while making the Xbox 360 and PS3 feel superior to siphon off some phat lewt for his space travels. After a week of people buying the game for more money on the consoles, he fixed it (by blaming the world around him) for the PC so we could get in on the low-resolution texture action. So far you're thinking, wow, this game must be total crap, but unfortunately you'd be wrong.

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xer02403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Rage is a good game.

In my opinion, it starts of a little slow as people say but once your packing more weapons and given much more challenging tasks - the combat is not only challenging but a lot of fun.

If you're a die-hard FPS gamer from the school of counter strike, quake 3 arena, half life etc... then you'll find the combat scenarios less challenging. But all the same, the combat in this game can be fun.

Totally love the mini spider turrets!

As for the mega texture tech... it truly shines outdoors.
It's a shame that some of the indoor textures don't shine as well.