5 Bad games every gamer should play

Science tells us that gaming is only the second or third favourite past-time of people who proclaim themselves gamers. The first hobby is hating on particular games or franchises. Sure we come across some disappointing games; the worst lately being Dragon Age 2, but even DA2 wasn’t “completely bad” by any rational standard of terrible gaming.

To truly appreciate what we have, it is important to know what we’ve lost or avoided. When we say a game is good or bad, it helps to say what it is better or worse than to help shape our opinions.

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Darranged2456d ago

Some of those games left me scarred for life.

Recnef2456d ago

It is a good thing every now and then to get perspective so when you try to judge bad, you have a baseline -- and you hit the baseline on its head here. Good piece.

Ognipode2456d ago

How can any list ever be taken seriously *without* the presence of Hannah Montana.