Battlefield 3: PC vs. PS3 comparison video

How does faultline gameplay look on console and PC?

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SH0CKW4VE2434d ago

There is no comparison lol


lol theres a good experience to be had on any platform but yet again people feel the need to compare everything because something HAS to be the best right? you cant just enjoy somethign for what it is anymore.

Bolts2434d ago

Another completely useless comparison. The PC version in this vid looks like crap. I can't even see the texture details and pop that's in the PC from this video.


MasterCornholio2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Comparing either console version to the PC is stupid. Because everyone knows that if you have a good rig you can get better visuals than the PS3. Console comparisons are most useful to those who own multiple consoles. In my case I only own one (PS3) and only look at these comparisons to see if they screwed up the PS3 version ( RAGE, Bayonetta, Black Ops etc)

I don't have a good PC but I am happy with my PS3 because it can handle games that ny poor laptop can't.

HOWEVER once my bro is gone I will take over his desktop rip out his 220 and plug in a Asus direct cu 560ti then I will have a great gaming rig.


death2smoochie2434d ago

Why do they do these comparisons with console vs PC?
It's pointless.

josephps32434d ago

PC are better but both consoles are GOOD ENOUGH

There is no arguing that PC are better looking. No one is debating that. The big question is, "Is it worth spending $300-$600 more to upgrade your PC compared to a console to get that extra eye candy?"

Both consoles look great and its enough for me. Remember that graphics is only ONE aspect of a game. The story, gameplay, sound, etc are all equally important and those other equally important aspects are virtually the same on all platforms.

For me, I'd rather save or spend the money on other things. $300-$600 can get you a lot of games or whatever-Top of the line headphones for example. I think you'd be much better off playing games with something like Turtle Beach PX5 or the Astro A40 (both $250) where the amazing surround sound draws you in the game.

Coach_McGuirk2434d ago

ah, your crusade against the pc continues

BushLitter2434d ago

The PC version is pre-alpha footage.

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