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1UP Review: Console Battlefield 3 is a Flawed Gem

Battlefield 3 on consoles is a very different game than the PC version. It doesn't look as good, and it supports fewer players online. By the sheer nature of control scheme, it requires a very different skill set. It's slower paced and requires a far more conservative style of play. This isn't better or worse than the PC version -- just different. For this review of the console version, I'm going to take a look at console specific features and exactly how the game plays differently. The issues outlined in the PC review still stand unless directly contradicted here, and you should read both to get the complete picture. (Battlefield 3, PS3, Xbox 360) B+/A+

lugia 4000  +   1493d ago
Thats why im getting PC :)
TOO PAWNED  +   1493d ago
good for you. You are one of 5%
reynod  +   1493d ago
Actually BC2 sold just as well on PC as it did on any console. In fact both Xbox 360 and PC outsold the PS3. Which is why Dice is supporting PC so much with BF3.

Overall EA released their sales figures from different platforms this is how the figures looked like:

PC 153million
Xbox 360- 150Million
PS3- 110Million

Hence i doubt he is among 5% :P more like 33% atleast. Personally getting it for PC along with 4 other friends.
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A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1493d ago
I'm getting PC version as well.
If you have a PC that can do even on lower settings, you may as well buy it because you will still get larger maps and more players.

Of course I will be in the higher range... XD
reynod  +   1493d ago

100% agreed. I look at it this way. Today someone may have a PC that may do BF3 in Low to mid settings (which is still better then console). Later in a few years if the person does decide to upgrade, he gets a free upgrade on his game too (its like getting a free HD remake on a game that you already own and there will be plenty of those in a gamers library).

On the console front you can buy the game it may be equal to the low settings on your PC, however when you buy the next box, it will still be running the game(if it does that most of the time they dont have BC) at the same settings that the PS3 or Xbox 360 did. Hence the console gamer will have to invest again in a HD remake if that ever gets released.

Hence for the PC gamer its a better experience today and a free update whenever they decide to upgrade.


Mind listing the parts for the 2000usd PC? and please make sure its not a milkware machine. Lol which 200usd console are you refering to? dont they need installs to make the game look half decent.
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Winter47th  +   1493d ago
Allow me to summerize the review for you: "It's not the l33t PC version, i mean like who actually wanna use a CONTROLLER it's sooo like retarded right?"

PC review score: A-/A+
"This isn't better or worse than the PC version -- just different"
Console score: B+/A+

What the shit kind of analogy is that. This has to be one of the worst logics since Gamespot's Ratchet & Clank review: "The game just has too much weapons"

I actually prefer the players' count in the console version. 64 players is just too hectic and the matches stretches on forever.

A 2000$ PC to run this or a 200$ console just as good hmm.
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StanLee  +   1493d ago
@ Winter47th

Be prepared because this is just the beginning. Let's be honest, the PC version differs vastly from the console versions. While the PC version is a true sequel to Battlefield 2, the consoles got Battlefield Bad Company 2.5. 5 hour campaign cut and pasted from past Call of Duty campaigns and a multiplayer that doesn't distinguish itself from Battlefield Bad Company 2. I mean seriously, what did you expect?
CapsLocke  +   1493d ago
@TOO PAWNED, Oh look, classic console fanboy ignorance. Even when reynod stating the real facts, he still gets negative points. That's perfectly shows how ignorance members are here.
Laxman  +   1493d ago

Are you telling me that Bad Company 2 sold 413 Million copies?
frostypants  +   1493d ago
Other than player count/map size, and the graphical bump, the PC version is the same freaking game. Are you claiming the campaign portion is different on PC?
Lord_Stark  +   1493d ago
@ frosty

The player count and map size is what makes Battlefield, Battlefield. It plays different to the CQB, choke point, firing range fps on consoles.
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Eiffel  +   1493d ago

I believe that's in total profit.
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1493d ago
Winter, I love my PS3 man and I actually prefer controller for most games, for me it's more immersive.

But it's undeniable that the PC version of battlefield is going to be great not just because of the graphics but the map size and player count..

I assume you didn't play Caspian boarder, I am worried about that on consoles because I have serious doubts about how much of the map will be included. It's overwhelmingly big, and you need a LOT of players to fill it (more than DICE allows in my opinion) Once you try a BF game on this scale it's hard to deny its appeal.

I would like you to know I will be getting this on PS3 also and I am invested in it being a great game on there too.
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Shadowaste  +   1493d ago
i think all the lead in your ps3 and 360 (when they came out, lead was even in paint, they also have asbestos and ddt in them, doctors even encouraged smoking back then! /s)

lol...anyway...pc makes more money than xbox360 and ps3 combined!!

Don't believe me?? Of course you don't , you never heard that from fox news or ign or any of the other make-believe places where you get your fake news from!

In 2009 pc gaming accounted for 43% of total gaming revenue, the next closest was the wii at 24%, meaning, in 2009, the xbox360 and ps3 were fighting to the death over a measly 33% market between the two of them.


and in 2011, the pc has taken even more of the market away from nintendo, ps3 and 360.

I know because of the media you think the ps3 and 360 are the Sun of the gaming universe, turns out, in truth, they are merely asteroids,..... or hemorrhoids!!! LOL.

The pc version of this game is 2 genrations beyon the sub-hd 704p, 20-29 frame per second, jaggie covered, pop-in laden lowly 12v12 console version.

If these guys were honest, they would tell you after playing the pc version, then seeing the console version, they thought it was alpha code from 6 years ago running on a crt 1024x768 monitor, cause thats what it looks like on console.

On PC it makes uncharted 3 look like a freaking low res wii game.

Consoles are so 2005!
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Claudinho69  +   1492d ago
@TOO PAWNED better than being part of the 99%
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HardCover  +   1492d ago
"good for you. You are one of 5% "

Even if that were true, we'd whoop the everliving crap out of any console gamer. Want proof?



malol  +   1492d ago
"good for you. You are one of 5%"

good for you. You live in a dream world
da_2pacalypse  +   1492d ago
I wasn't aware this game was flawed... been playing it for almost 10 hours now.... Loving everything about it other than the annoying menu system lol.... Game reviewers are on crack
raWfodog  +   1493d ago
I think I'm going to also wait to buy BF3 until I can build a mid-range rig to properly handle it. For now, I'll just get MW3 for my PS3.
VvKILLAGOOSEvV  +   1493d ago
So your going to hold off on a gimped game compared to pc, only to purchase an even more gimped game compared to everything else...
raWfodog  +   1493d ago

Um, when the difference is that major, yeah. Have you seen BF3 on the PC firsthand? It's gorgeous. I'd rather have that than the console version, plus 64-player combat.

With MW3, the graphical difference between PC and console will not be as great and the player count will not differ.

As everyone knows, BF3 was optimized for PC.
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TheGameFoxJTV  +   1493d ago
Just get about $600-700 Build a PC. And buying things while trying to save money up doesn't make much sense. >.>
raWfodog  +   1493d ago
@ TheGameFoxJTV Were you talking to me about saving up money? I don't need to save up anything. I'm a husband and father with 3 kids and a full-time job and going back for my 2nd Master's.

What I don't have is time (and sometimes energy). Money is not an issue and I didn't think I said anything about money.
farhad2k8  +   1493d ago
I knew it would be flawed on console, it was bound to fail, and now everyones just going to trade it in for MW3.
On PC, it's great, but on console, its like a game made in 2002. Why they didn't focus on console, I have no clue. And they want to beat MW3? HAHA no chance.

I call MW3 will beat BF3 4:1 in terms of sales. You heard it here first.
artdafoo  +   1493d ago
Youre on crack, BF3 on consoles makes COD look like a PS2 game, the lighting, smoke, water on the ground, destruction. Try actually playing the game instead of just watching crappy YouTube videos.
farhad2k8  +   1493d ago
I've been playing the game, it looks HORRIBLE without the texture pack, it looks WORSE than a PS1 game. Honestly.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1493d ago
>Looks worse than a game made in 2002

Is this what they're teaching you kids these days? Do you even know what games looked like in 2002?
Ashby_JC  +   1492d ago
So exactly HOW is it flawed? Your entitled to your opinion...disagree greatly.

BOUND to fail...your kidding right. And WHAT wuld constitute it failing??

As for MW3...they know they will not beat MW3 in sales. But if they can get a few ppl to jump ship and make a dent in the FPS marketshare then thats a win.

And your a game like 2002....WTF are you smoking? There wasnt ANYTHING on consoles for MP FPS in 2002!!!!!!!!!
showtimefolks  +   1492d ago
here we go again
with so many big games coming a lot of people set their hype meters too high now when a game gets 8/10 they are not happy

I am not much of military shooter fan so not buying either cod of bf3 but if you gonna bring down bf3 than make sure cod doesn't end up getting 9.4/10 for being the same game last few years

i don't mind honest reviews but no special treatment for any game is what i look for in today's reviewers
InNomeDiDio   1492d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Imalwaysright  +   1492d ago
@ Shadowaste Of course that PC is more profitable than consoles, it has more MMORPGs than Wii, 360 and PS3 exclusives combined however for companies like EA those revenue numbers mean little to them. Look at reynod's comment above. BC2 was more profitable on PC but i guarantee you that the 360 sold more copies than the PC version. It was less profitable on 360 because MS got a cut from every game sold. So a BF game that was always a PC game sells more on a console! My point is: PC makes up for 43% of total gaming revenue because of the sheer number of games available to it. When it comes to multiplatforms is very rare to see a game selling more on PC than on their consoles counterpart and thats what matters to publishers like EA.

@ InNomeDiDio Uncharted is scoring higher than BF3. If playing a BETTER game makes us kids then so be it.
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JellyJelly  +   1493d ago
"It doesn't look as good, and it supports fewer players online."

Isn't that the case with most console FPS's compared to their PC counterpart? Why not compare it to other console FPS games? Never seen anyone give COD on consoles lower scores because it performs better on PC.

The reviewer seems to jaded by the (obviously superior) PC version of the game to give a proper verdict on how it compares to other console FPS games.
ddurand1  +   1493d ago
good point
TopDudeMan  +   1493d ago
MAG supports more people on it. That's not the point, though, is it? More people =/= better.
jetlian  +   1493d ago
mag isn't
multi-platform either so....

Anyway only real difference is graphics big deal. I personally hate KB/M and I don't have a pc so console it is
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WitWolfy  +   1492d ago
Plus lets admit it MAG isnt even on BFBC 2 standards gameplay and graphics wise. Dont get me wrong there are probably some die hard fans out there, but if you first played BC 2 then try MAG it feels like a heavy leap backwards.
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Messatsu290  +   1493d ago
60fps and 30fps is a huge difference in gameplay, I remember that whole fiasco with Madden 08.. Madden 08 supported 60fps for the 1st time but only on 360 while ps3s was at 30fps... yeah go look at all the hate reviews on that game for the ps3 version calling it was trash because it was half the 360s framerate.
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KonGreat  +   1493d ago
Well maybe they should give them a different score on the consoles. WIth BF3 you get less of a game for more money than on the PC. A proper battlefield experience is supposed to be with 64 players.
And what I've heard CoD on the PC is terrible.

But in the end, does the reviewer score really matter? It's up to yourself if you want to buy it or not.
outwar6010  +   1493d ago
your mums a flawed gem lol the game will be enjoyed by many what's the point of these articles?
SlickShoes  +   1493d ago
The point is the website is a known review site thus they are reviewing the game.
Messatsu290   1493d ago | Trolling | show
nano88  +   1493d ago
im still getting it
mixelon  +   1493d ago
Come on guys he listed legitimate reasons for why the pc version is slightly superior. Why is it surprising it gets a higher score as a result.

Too much anger over a good review score.
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TheGameFoxJTV  +   1493d ago
This is the internet. People LOVE to bitch here.
ReflexGamer  +   1493d ago
Can anyone confirm this? I'm picking up ps3 version this afternoon and would like to know if I should be pissed.
frostypants  +   1493d ago
I would simply say that if you enjoyed 12v12 in BFBC2, why would you care if the PC version is better? That doesn't mean that the console version won't be at least as fun as BFBC2.
leogets  +   1493d ago
youll be fking amazed mate. your eyes will blow out their sockets and you wonder what kinda drugs these reviewers are on. beleive me when i sa you will not be dissapointed with console version. no game gets "a perfect no fault" review. nick pickers the lot of em.
Ashby_JC  +   1492d ago
If all you have is a console...BUY it NOW~~~!!!

If you have a PC...get it for PC.

I understand the comparisons to BFBC2. That game was good....but IMO had flaws in terms of matchmaking and filling in slots in between matches.

All of that doesnt seem to be a issue with dedi servers...the option to do a quick match or browse servers.

I can imagine that the larger maps will take a hit due to the smaller player count...12v12...BUT...console players will adapt.

When im play BC3...im not thinking about the PC version as I DONT have a PC...I have 2 consoles that I love...and I am LOVING BC3!!
IcyEyes  +   1493d ago
The PC player may enjoy cheaters and a point and click gameplay.
I'm a PC player ... but not for the shooters.
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PeZuS  +   1493d ago
Point and click? Wow, you clearly game on PC /s
Halochampian  +   1492d ago
apparently prefers giggle and pull gameplay...
Halochampian  +   1492d ago

cant believe I put giggle -__-
SH0CKW4VE  +   1493d ago
People need to go out and try it for themselves instead of crying about a number.
digger18  +   1493d ago
I've got a bad ass gaming PC. But getting it for the PS3 only, because that is where all my friends are.

PC specs:

Intel i7 (950)
12 gigs of triple channel ram
Dual 6990's
Pandamobile  +   1493d ago
Why would you do that to yourself
Halochampian  +   1492d ago
force your friends to get pcs or better yet.. let them come over and witness the beauty on your pc
MaxMurdoch  +   1492d ago
Im just like you digger18. I have a 2011 Lamborghini but only drive around a bicycle because thats what my friends are rockin nowadays.

It kinda sucks to peddle to work for 2 hours every morning but hey... At least i fit in.
MechWarrior579  +   1492d ago
ive just got one question. why in the world did you spend close to 1400 bucks for those 2 6990s when you could have just gotten 2 570s or 2 580s and spend less money, still get very damn good framerates, and use up far less power and generate a whole lot less heat?
terrordactyl  +   1493d ago
Bad Company 2 was fantastic on my PS3. This can only be better. Day one purchase.

I don't give a monkey's what it's like on pc. Why should I? If I own a Ford, why would I care how great next door's BMW is?
qwertyz  +   1493d ago
Consoles are flawed technology even by late 2005 standards so I'm not surprised LOL just about every AAA game that has released on pc during the last 4 years look better than UC3 lol with some of those games even going as far as making UC3 look worse than a ps2 game( BF3,crysis 2 directx11, metro 2033, shogun 2, crysis 1 max, crysis warhead, BFBC2) lol PC FTW!!!
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Gamer-Z  +   1493d ago
The game is incredible but it is flawed. The problem is Conquest there's just not enough players to support it, you can run for miles and not see anyone. Honestly that mode should only be for PC because on consoles it sucks without more people.
Bolts  +   1492d ago
Conquest should only be played with 64 players. Even at 30 there's not enough people on the ground to get the feeling that you're in a battle instead of a small 4 vs 4 skirmish.
Ashby_JC  +   1492d ago
Now that I agree with!

Maybe make the larger maps smaller for conquest to accomodate 12v12 action!!

ALl in all I still love the game and I will just avoid the larger conquest maps.
Ashby_JC  +   1492d ago
Im sure what im about to type has already been voiced...

...but if im going to read a CONSOLE review. Do I really need to read how much better the PC version is??


Review the game for what it is...a console game.

I myself am loving the game. And will NEVER play the PC version and dont like to be reminded that the ga,e im playing is not as good as PC.
Bolts  +   1492d ago
Guess what, gaming isn't a vaccum where other platforms doesn't exist. If you do not like to hear about the short comings of your particular version then only buy exclusives.
birdykilla  +   1492d ago
I do like playing battlefield 3, but it won't even let me back out and quit for a damn smoke break it gives you about 30-45 seconds and doesn't allow you to quit until it completely loads up the next game. On top of that every match your stuck with the same group of teammates. So if your on a crappy team to begin with you'll be on that team forever. On top of that flying is annoyingly hard. I've got the tank down, but flying is another thing. I wish I had a better weapon already, these guns they start us out with are pure trash. It's hard to kill somebody with a decent gun when your given pure trash. Other than flying, the poor weapons they start you with, not being able to take a break and quit after a nice long 20-30 minute game, and getting pinned down by two tanks, a helicopter, multiple infantry at spawn is really frustrating. How am I expected to capture our spawn point with all that let alone push the opponent back and capture the next two points on the other 2/3rds of the map I haven't even seen yet makes it a smaller map than that of COD. lol
death2smoochie  +   1492d ago
This game was a PC game from the start.
mayberry  +   1492d ago
after all the COD issues on ps3, and issues with bf3, Ill pass on both and continue with KILLZONE3.
Laika   1492d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Trenta27  +   1492d ago
Jesus, people. What's so wrong with the console version? It looks great, plays well, and is fun. Confused why everyone is having such a big fuss...
videoxgamexfanboy  +   1492d ago
Is it me or does it seem like pc players like to show how big there dicks are? I mean we all know that ur ver is the better ver but do yall really need to post ur fancy pc specs? Bunch of show offs...
Bladesfist  +   1492d ago
Im a battlefield pc fan and i found this game to be a disapointment :/
SITH  +   1492d ago
Despite the drop connection issues which always happen and always get resolved, I have had the best time ever. Battlefield 3 is fun. I love it, and my friends love it. I wish it had more players online, but when it works it works perfectly.
Agent_hitman  +   1492d ago
You should be thankful that EA decided to port that game on 5 year old consoles instead of whining.. It's all good on consoles..
Imalwaysright  +   1492d ago
LMAO your comment is laughable at best. If EA had had only the means to release BF3 on consoles or on PC exclusive they would choose consoles without even giving it a second thought.
ndl1531  +   1492d ago
dice did what they could with what they had on consoles and the end result was gorgeous ( TO ME ) so big props to them. im having a blast plus it also looks better than almost all multyplats out there ( on consoles ) oh and sounds better too so if you still gotta complain then whatever eat $hit . oh and bring on uncharted 3 next week wooooooooo
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