SEGA: "Brutally Honest" on Classic Sonic

SPOnG: "Prepare yourself for some sad Sonic news (well, if you're a nostalgists) we've been given some "brutally honest" news about the classic young hedgehog."

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lorianguy2462d ago

Yes but almost every sonic game that isn't "classic sonic", including spin-offs, have been utterly terrible.

lorianguy2461d ago

Ah ok, haven't played that. I stopped at the Black Night.

contra1572462d ago

That kinda sucks I always liked the classic sonic better than the tall and lanky one not that it was that bad but the classic one was one I preferred more.

A7XEric2462d ago

Thank god. Sonic fanboys are some of the most annoying in the industry. I rather Sega continue to improve 3D Sonic, rather than just making money off nostalgia by rehashing the same 20 year old gameplay.

chanmasta2461d ago

The dude sounded kinda aggressive with that quote o_o