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Super Mario Galaxy - 5/5

If you haven't yet bought a Wii, here's your justification - whether young, old hardcore or casual gamer.

Assassin's Creed - 4/5

Even so, the dimension of townsfolk working with or against you, the ability to scale any building with ledges two inches deep or more and the option of flee or fight gives you the freedom to approach tasks as you choose. Add a stunningly detailed Holy Land to explore, and you have an enticingly immersive game worthy of your time.

Sim City Societies - 3/5

Diehards may complain this is more The Sims than Sim City, but it's an imaginative reinvention.

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leon763893d ago

"If you haven't yet bought a Wii, here's your justification" - there are no justifications to buy a console with only 4 games that worth that: zelda, metroid, RE4 (also in cube, so it's like 3) and this one...the other ones, please see the reviews...

mesh13893d ago

i willl never buy a wii no matter how much no name game mags and next gen game mags hyope it up i wil never suport a company that i smonopolizing on ppl its 2007 nintenedo are stil using gamecube hard ware on the wii = cheaper production fo rthem and crap grapics for us and tons tons tons of cash fo rnintendo iwill not support it they are actaully doing abad for video gaming ina genaral bytrying to back step us not go forward to make the wii cost 00 so nintendo make a massive profit of ppl stupidty even tho there are rarely any good games on th ewii

john_doe3893d ago

there is a thing called spell check man. you should try it!

picker3323893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

i will never buy a wii eather!
The only game that i want from wii is ssb:brawl and that's it!
I mean the controlle's may be fun about a day or 2 but it's a gamecube with different controlles,that's it!
And no you can't get in good shape with the wii sport's or whatever.
At first i think people just buy'd it becouse they thought that it was something more then a console,like a fitness console or something.

Well i will never buy wii end of story!

Peace Out!

iilluminate3893d ago

Whether you agree with Nintendo's current hardware strategy or not, Mario Galaxy is one of the best games ever.

picker3323893d ago

That's your opinion not the gamers.

Rooftrellen3893d ago

Sure it is.

The only people who I've heard talk bad about Mario are people I know or don't think have played it.

iilluminate3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

@picker332 - it's the opinion of the gaming press. It averages 97% on both GameRankings and Metacritic.

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