EA Dice Warning Gamers to Download Newest Origin Client

An 11th hour mailing to gamers on the EA mailing list warning them that they must be running the newest version of the Origin client in order to play the retail version of Battlefield 3 for PC has been issued by EA Dice only hours before the game is set to go on sale.

The email notice warns gamers that the newest Origin client is required (required is emphasized) in order to play the game, adding "Don't waste a minute of gameplay. Download now to be ready to storm the battlefield the minute the game releases."

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JsonHenry2334d ago

I downloaded the newest client but it still says "Origin beta". And I still have a lot of the same problems that I had the start of the month with the beta version of the game...

trancefreak2334d ago

Really well that sounds fantastic to still be beta. Maybe it will be beta to make it sound cool just to have the teh beta version. :)

trancefreak2334d ago

No I really don't want you on my PC at all origin. Looks like I have no choice can't even get around it with a retail copy disc.

Sign of the times for the big business company's to make you do as your told.

Even though I am a waiting for my tracking # to pop into UPS system since this morning, I guess I am not liking their proprietary crap jammed down my pc's throat. I want to play it straight forward with out Orgin. I don't mind steam but if I buy a retail copy please don't tell me I have to use some internet software to play at least the single player portion.

I guess until gamers have enough they wont change, and this a hard game to pass up if your a military shooter fan.