Activision: Modern Warfare Like a Michael Bay Movie

SPOnG: At the Golden Joystick Awards, Activision's Senior Brand Manager for Call of Duty, Eric Folliot, defended the idea that a certain pocket of gamers see the franchise as little more than a 'corridor shooter.' He likened the series to a Michael Bay film in that it provides "epic scale." He also spoke to SPOnG about the incoming fight between Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3.

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newleaf2311d ago

Awesome, popular and has many haters? Yes, yes, and oh so yes.

Septic2311d ago

Loud bark but no bite? Yup

zeeshan2311d ago

I agree! They are fantastic! Just like Transformers 2


The Meerkat2311d ago

Because Transformers 2 was fantastic /s

PhantomT14122311d ago

noticed the /s too late, sorry

zeeshan2311d ago

Sh** you had already beat me to it! Dammmnn man! You are fast! :)

EVO-OM3GA2311d ago

Off Topic: I hate Michael Bay! he ruined Transformers!

On Topic: I would agree CODS SP has always been an Over the Top story line with explosions upon explosions and there fan base love it lol

LarVanian2311d ago

Michael Bay is good at giving cheap thrills and to be frankly honest, that is all COD has ever done for me.

FunkMcnasty2311d ago

At $60 a pop I'm not sure if I can call those thrills "cheap"! I like CoD, but where they seem to have made so few changes and innovations in the franchise I've grown bored of it over the years. I am still mildly interested in MW3, but I plan on waiting until the early summer to pick it up so I can find it used for $30 at gamestopm. Up until Black Ops, Cod gamers were a day-one buy for me.

reynod2311d ago

If you are picking it up then you are still part of the problem. At the end of the day they will look at the sales number, which if increased or maintained will make them think "give them more of the same".

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