Colonial Marines: The “Authentic” Aliens Experience

360 Magazine: Randy Pitchford explains to us why Colonial Marines will be way more Aliens than any of the films that followed in its wake…

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Biglet2462d ago

This is what it's all about: marines, stranded and surviving against overwhelming odds, with deadly creatures that can emerge from almost any place at any time. That's what made Aliens my fave film of the series.

Beep... beep.. beep-beep... beep-beep... beep-beep-beep-beep

Dailynch2462d ago

Alien 3 had its moments but changed the nature of the creature too much. Some even believe Cameron's film changed the alien too much. No one Google The Promethus script and read the potential summaries. It could potentially ruin the xeno for good.

jimmins2462d ago

Replace the Aliens with hot vampire nurses; then you've got a fookin movie!