The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PC System Requirements Coming Sometime Today

DSOGaming writes: "Noticed something interesting? Yeap, those system requirements for Bethesda’s upcoming RPG – that were supposed to be released yesterday – are nowhere to be found. Fear not though, as there is a high probability that they will finally get revealed sometime today. This comes from Pete Hines himself, as he tweeted yesterday that the PC spec tests are running today."

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JsonHenry2403d ago

I hope this game pushes my system to the extreme. Or at least runs so well I can play it in 3D on my PC without needing to upgrade.

Tr10wn2403d ago

Skyrim doesn't use 3D gimmick sry bro

kevnb2403d ago

every game on pc can be 3d.

JsonHenry2403d ago

Sorry "bro" but I can play any game I want in 3D on my PC.... "bro".

Tr10wn2403d ago

lol k *bro's* enjoy you artificial 3D gimmick :D PC GAMING FTW!!11!

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RufustheKing2403d ago

i am a PC nocive so how is it possible Jsonhenry? and any tips for buying a a pc able to play skyrim and hopefully Rome total war 2?

TopDudeMan2403d ago

You're gonna need a beast of a computer, I'd imagine...

arjman2403d ago

Nope, I reckon it'll be the standard 8800 GT minimum, GTX 260 recommended

Frenza2403d ago

I hope that my "old" GTX 285 can run this with a decent framerate (30+) on high @ 1920x1080 ^^

john22403d ago

As arjman said, I doubt it will require a high-end PC. A modded Skyrim on the other hand will definitely a high-end one (especially when some high-resolution texture packs come out ;) )

DeadManMcCarthy2403d ago

not really, the graphics look good but not pc stress worthy good. like what arjman said, a 8800gt should run it fine.

Ren_2403d ago

I wonder if a HIS ATI Radeon hd 6950 iceq x turbo will run the high-res packs ok when they come out?

DeadManMcCarthy2403d ago

@Ren_ yeah 6950 should easily run the high res packs.

kevnb2403d ago

8800 min, 5850/460 rec... just like everything else with some dx11. These specs wont be based on tests, just on the going specs.

LightofDarkness2403d ago

Bethesda said themselves that there's nothing too special going on in the graphics department on PC, it won't look MUCH better than consoles (mods will make it shine, though). I expect the usual 8800GT (9600GT?) min. as well.

outwar60102403d ago

i dont think it'll be that bad looks they optimised the code very well

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