Pay-per-kill shooters combine online gambling with gaming

Videogamers are now being paid to kill. At least, virtually. Over the past 12 months a series of over-18s servers have launched that pay a player for every kill they make, while putting a price on every death.

The prospect of making money from playing videogames makes online poker seem as old-fashioned as its physical equivalent and, as game developers search for new ways of making money, could potentially be huge.

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skillshot3890d ago

A good idea. One part that stood out:

One semi-professional gamer who played for several months stated this as the reason that he stopped playing on their servers: he suspected other players had installed third party programs.

"It would take more than a month before they actually caught a cheater who ended up raking thousands of dollars from other gamblers," he claimed.


How much does this guy think you get per kill? I think they had a naive person say something stupid for the sake of the argument.

Maddens Raiders3890d ago

of gaming holds. Gambling on legally-sanctioned video games will get bigger than the Super Bowl one day. There will always be cheaters, but it will lift the presence of VG's and the impact on our lives to even more dizzying heights, when "the guy or gal down the street" has a chance to play in a live international contest of some sort for millions of dollars.