Gamekult review: The Last Story

You could blame this adventure for beeing over far too quickly, being too short on means and all too technically dated. (...) But a fresh enthusiasm emanates from it, which will please long starved RPG fans. They can stand reassured. Despite its endearing shortcomings, there is more energy in this game and its linear narrative than in all HD RPGs put together.

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Titanz2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Make it happen Nintendo.

jacksonmichael2405d ago

Oh, Google translate...

Oh well, I'd rather ignore negative reviews of this game, anyway... I know I'll love it.

Titanz2405d ago

It's just the submitter's negative spin on the exclusive. Mods, why aren't you doing your work? Tag this article in the "fail" category please.

Michael-Jackson2405d ago

It did. Look at the site without the translator.

Kalowest2405d ago

I love Mistwalker, can't wait for this game.