Nintendo 3DS Ice White Bundle Revealed

Following the announcement of a new pink Nintendo 3DS console, Nintendo has confirmed that Mario fans will be able to get a white Christmas regardless of any snow fall this year. The forthcoming Super Mario 3D Land will be available in a special bundle with the Ice White Nintendo 3DS console from next month.

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Agheil2484d ago

No matter how many bundles you guys bring vita will own U lol (before people explode... i have a 3ds and preordered mario kart 7 and super mario land 3d but face facts people)

user8586212484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

own how exactly?? when the vita has no title whatsoever that would make people run out and get a vita

whereas 3DS has mario, mario kart and pokemon

so again my question is how exactly will the vita own? maybe ur blinded by the vita's epic uber horse powerzzz but then again psp had the same and got raped by the DS

(before people explode... I have preordered a vita with uncharted but face facts people)LOL

Agheil2484d ago

LOL I can already tell your more of a nintendo fan and thats cool, but mario and zelda isnt enough.

Look at hardware: vita doesnt only have more horse power as you claim like psp (sony learned) they opened up new ways of paying with the rear and front multi touch, along with ar games, the dual sticks and the gyro....all together make a great mobile gaming experience.

3DS: gyro, ar and 3d but lets all admit that playing in 3d is kind of irritating
(even if you put the slider to centre lol) and that was its biggest thing.

so far 3ds:
star fox and zelda all the other games aren't really good (ray man)
coming soon:
mario kart 7/super mario land

Uncharted GA, sound shapes, gravity daze, ruin, resistance BS, littel big planet , modnation racers, escape plan, among many others.

so dont think I said it for no reason.

n4f2484d ago

nintendo got joystick awrd for opening new way for 3ds
AND dont forget monster hunter 3g is getting out around the same time of vita so that alone will not only boost sells but will make Japanese think twice because they are crasy for that game alone.

DNAbro2484d ago


out of all the vita games, the only title that everyone is looking forward to is uncharted.

TruthbeTold2484d ago

And why pray tell, if people like you 'have a 3DS' will Vita 'own'? If what you're saying is true, then owning both is likely to be the norm, and neither will 'own' the other. Your comment makes no sense. Kind of makes me feel as though your claim of 3DS ownership is B.S. and added in some lame attempt to escape the suspicion of trolling...

Agheil2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

LOL wow I cant really say anything to your lame comment
and I've been a nintendo fan since the NES and have gotten them all
n64, gc, wii.

there is no reall proof to make you believe but w/e lol

Sobari2484d ago

Wish I had waited for this color. Cosmo black is so meh.

Games4M - Rob2484d ago

I'll wait for the ice white version with the 2nd analogue nub.

Neo Nugget2484d ago

Damn, that's pretty sexy. I want it :/

StarWolf2484d ago

never buying another nintendo product until its colors come out first. i have black.

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The story is too old to be commented.