The Orange Box: Half-Life 2 Episode Two Is Out On Xbox Live Marketplace

The Orange Box: Half-Life 2 Episode Two Demo is out on Xbox Live Marketplace and the demo is 723.93 MB it is not available in Germany, India, Japan and it is rated M for Mature and here is some information about the demo: Download this demo.

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BloodySinner3956d ago

I won't be needing this. I have the full game. =]

sak5003956d ago

Downloading it ATM, will chk it out before coughing up the dough.

Mikey_Gee3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

Orange box was a no brainer for me to buy. But many of my folks out of the loop in the Half Life world had to be convinced by me to pick it up. And so far .. EVERY ONE OF THEM are soooo happy they did.

This Demo will help do the same.


No doubt the best value you will get for $60. I love FPS games that are not all run and gun. You actually have to THINK and use some logic to get through the game. This franchise did not win HUGE AWARDS for nothing folks.

PS -- Portal is a huge blast as well not to mention TF2