Battlefield 3 vs. Bad Company 2: Graphics Comparison

PC Games shows you the differences of Frostbite Engine 2 (Battlefield 3) and Frostbite 1.5 (Bad Company 2). The folks use both PC Versions on maximum graphics settings.

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Vladplaya2430d ago

All I see on BF3 screenshots is blurry sun glare crap all over the screen. Other than that, BC2 looks really good, its nice and clean.

Lord_Stark2430d ago

I know right. I was just about to say the same thing. Not the best comparison. Bad Company 2 actually looks better.

swishersweets200312430d ago

people are smoking crack if they think bc2 looks better then bf3.

Vladplaya2430d ago

I am not smoking anything. I played both games, and I use my EYES and my BRAIN to see that BC2 looks just fine. BF3 might have more crap on the screen, but it doesn't mean it makes the game better, just more clutter that destructs you from actually enjoying the game.

New =/= Better.

swishersweets200312430d ago

use your eyes and brain to read this, BF3 is better than bc2 hands down. B#tch!