Why we missed Battlefield 3 review embargo - Eurogamer

Eurogamer: "Under the circumstances, our review is not ready for this morning's embargo."

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gamingdroid2490d ago

Another reviewer shunned by EA?

It will definitely be interesting to see the *late* reviews if they are significantly different from the earlier ones.

JellyJelly2490d ago

DICEs hard work shouldn't be rated differently because of EAs shoddy business practices. If they downrate it because of that it just shows that they are unprofessional and biased reviewers.

Laxman2490d ago

I dont think he was hinting at the websites giving the game a lower score because they are upset about not getting it early enough, I think he was trying to hint at the possibility of the good scores from early reviews having been paid for by EA in some sort of corrupt business deal.

shadowwizard2490d ago

Eurogaymer strikes again...

retrofly2490d ago

Did you read the article or just post that BS response?

humbleopinion2490d ago

DF Face off coming at the end of the week. This will spark some tension here...