Battlefield 3 - PC vs Xbox 360 vs PS3 Comparison

Can you see which platform pushes the most polygons in this Battlefield 3 comparison?

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MultiConsoleGamer2458d ago

Obviously PC looks best, but comparisons between the two console versions are nothing more than nitpicking.

Either way, you're getting a great gaming experience no matter where you play it.

iamnsuperman2458d ago

"between the two console versions are nothing more than nitpicking" like most multiplats.

This is an awful comparison. Its hard to compare because things go to quickly especially when they keep switching the layout of the windows. I know PC is going to be better looking but this comparison didn't say that to me because it was poorly done.

reynod2458d ago

PC>>>>>> PS3 = XBox 360

No point nitpicking the small differences between the consoles.

tehgam3r2458d ago

Yeah DICE has done a very good job <3
100% agree with you man

Septic2458d ago

There is hardly any noticeable difference between the PS3 and 360. At the end of the day, after article after article fuelling the fanboy wars, its funny how similar they are.

ArmGunar2458d ago

According this video

PC >> PS3 > 360

Look the trees moving, lightning, physics is better on PS3 than 360

But 360 is looking very good too, slightly better on PS3

JellyJelly2458d ago

Whatever makes you sleep at night :)

andibandit2458d ago

To me the PS3 version looks the best

PS3 >> PC > 360

SJPFTW2458d ago

dont know if serious or trolling 0_o

hot1112458d ago

GT has to take the crown for the most useless comparisons ever.

KING_KAI2458d ago

lol you get the odd good one but yeah most are crap.

A_Troll_From_Ign2458d ago

i think im right in saying there was a comparison a little while ago where they compared gears 1 and 3. the comparison was 30 seconds long and of the 1st cut scene.

MasterCornholio2458d ago

To me it's

PC >>>PS3>360

I notice that the PS3 version has slightly better AA due to MLAA. Some people mention screen tearing on the 360 version but I see none myself. Also I like the lighting better on the PS3 version. Dice did a great job with th console versions.



Oldman1002458d ago

The scene in the video at 1:03-1:09 where you are looking through the sniper scope, the faces of the guys standing at the very left and middle in the ps3 version have a low poly count compared to the 360 and pc versions. Wtf is up with that?

AllroundGamer2458d ago

damn i was just writing the comment... you are first :))

jetlian2458d ago

none of the trolls watched the video. there was anther stopped image where ps3 was clearly behind

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