Kinect Sports: Season Two Review (Strategy Informer)

from "Kinect Sports was a launch title for the new controller free device that has become one of the fastest selling electrical items. However since then we’ve seen little in the way of must have games and people’s patience is being tested. So is it up to Season 2 to give us a quality motion controlled title to last us another year?".

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EVILDEAD3602487d ago

Good review..

Strategy informer is quickly becoming on of my fave Kinect reviewers. Hint..they actually play and get the device. I've found that most of the reviewers don't and there reviews reflect it.

I was hoping to find out if cricket was offered for the dart game. But there wasnt any mention.

LOL @ calling American Football a poor man's Rugby. Believe me when I say our view of Rugby is NOT the same.

Overall, cool review..definately picking K. Sports up.