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Along with the recent release of Dance Central 2, Kinect Sports: Season Two arguably stands up as one of the most important releases for the Xbox 360’s Kinect in the forthcoming busy retail season. The sequel to one of the most popular titles available for Microsoft Studios’ full-body motion-control peripheral, it’s the job of Kinect Sports: Season Two to prove to the masses that which Rise of Nightmares has already done for the core demographic: that things have progressed, and Kinect is now just as viable a living room proposition as the controller-based family entertainment videogame systems.

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EVILDEAD3602403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

It's a review..but not even close to in-depth. It's like the reviewer didn't even play the game and just talked about features.

I could have done that by looking at the box. Needed to know what the experience was like. Plus the review scale is silly. Why should a sports game get knocked for 'originality'? Madden must get 1's at this point.

mark01922398d ago

A real in-depth review (5 pages or so) can be found here: