Battlefield 3: PS3 vs. 360 vs. Low-Res Textures Screen Comparison

NowGamer: "Battlefield 3 reviews are now live - but which console version of the game looks better - and should you consider the 360 version if you haven't got a HDD to install the HD textures on to?"

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NukaCola2405d ago

Low Rss Textures Screen Comparison?

I lol for this.

Feckles2405d ago

So, basically, what we're saying here is the PS3 is the best looking console version?

skyward2405d ago

PS3's mandatory install FTW

JellyJelly2405d ago

PS3 is the brightest version, and therefore the best.

ChrisW2405d ago

You mean "brightest" as in: He is the brightest student in his class. Right?

jimmins2405d ago

360 install = to PS3 visuals

fastrez2405d ago

Until next gen rolls around, will installing textures become more popular?

KingPin2405d ago

it will become so popular some companies *cough* Activision *cough* will start charging you extra for it. they'll claim its DLC.

dougr2405d ago

It's funny, I really want battlefield 3, but I want to see the awesome graphics, so with that criteria I should get the pc version because I have a pc that can run this game on ultra; however I also have zero shooter experience on pc and I know I'll get destroyed. I can't decide which to go with!

BiggCMan2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Get the PC version anyways dude. I promise you it's not hard to learn. I started only a month ago on my new computer, and I already love keyboard and mouse. However you can use a wired Xbox 360 controller if you feel more comfortable, most games today support it. You will adapt quickly, for sure. The graphics on highest settings are unmatched. I just played the story for like 3 hours and was blown away by how amazing it looks, take a look at this video I uploaded of it. Looks miles ahead of these screenshots.

tehgam3r2405d ago

Just play campaign heaps until you get use to the controls.

The story is great so far :D

KingPin2405d ago

if you have a pc that can run this game that well, get it on pc.

dont let the difficulty get to you.
eventually you will get used to it and compete at that level too.

im talking from experience on this.
it took me a while to play UT2004 on Masterful. but i enjoy the challenge.

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