Crave Talk: Nintendo must make a mobile phone

Playing games on a mobile phone is about as enjoyable as untangling a pair of headphones when you're stuck in the middle of a train during rush hour. The quality of titles available is very low, and today's phones simply aren't designed for fast, reliable button pressing. Things are getting better -- but for the love of thumb-tapping, Nintendo must make a mobile phone.

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marcellizot3953d ago

Just out of interest Dynamo, what was the last mobile game you actually played?

TheDynamo3953d ago

Keep in mind, I only submitted the article because I thought that it was interesting and would promote conversations of a different sort. And the introduction above was lifted from the article itself.

But if you must know, I recently downloaded UNO and the classic MYST onto my Treo 700wx.

Great games. Both of them.

As you can see, I'm old school (smile).

marcellizot3953d ago

Excuse my slightly combative tone, it's just that I am a keen proponent of mobile gaming and I am bit fed up of the whole 'we all know mobile games are rubbish but (insert news piece here)' tone that the majority of the gaming industry takes just now.

Sounds like you can be excused though :)

I'd reccomend Urban Attack, SolaRola and the new Bomberman as recent mobile titles you should try. All of them are great.

Salvadore3953d ago

I found it highly boring to play games on a moblie phone.

BubyDudy3953d ago

Ninty+Apple=Love For Ever