Dungeon Defenders Review (For The Love of Gaming)

Garrett reviews the new tower defense/RPG hybrid Dungeon Defenders for PC, PSN, and XBLA.

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Krew_922490d ago

This game plays well on my Android based tablet. So with a controller it should be twice as better. This game deserves a good score. It's a TD game, but with an RPG twist.

KentBlake2490d ago

Is this game really this good? Everyone is raving about it. I saw the trailer a while ago and it didn't impress me. Maybe I'll have to reconsider and buy it.

bakagaijin782490d ago

I personally think it is that good. If you are unsure you can always demo the game for free to try before buying. That's what I did on PSN and I was hooked after only 10 minutes of gameplay.

Anti-Fanboyer2490d ago

This game is so much fun online it's unbelievable.

Setting up barricades, tower missiles and hording off hundreds of monsters. YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!