Skyrim: PC vs. Xbox 360

Had a bit of an epiphany on which platform Skyrim is looking more attractive on (Not just visually!). What do you guys think?

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MasterCornholio2341d ago

What do I think?

How about some footage of the PS3 version IM sick of seeing the 360 one.


Balcrist2340d ago

The videos that have been shown have been a mixture of 360 and ps3, their graphics are the same, the only reason that the demos we've seen are on the 360 is because the 360 has a better controller for the game.

MasterCornholio2340d ago

Do you have proof?


Blacktric2339d ago

He's just making stuff up for God's sake. No one from Bethesda said that the videos were from both PS3 and 360. They said that some screenshots were from PC version and that's it. PS3 version hasn't been shown to the public yet.

Dovahkiin2340d ago ShowReplies(1)
Ren_2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

There was footage in that video? I didn't see it :S

I may have missed it though as I skipped to every 15 seconds and no footage was shown.

I did hear him say that he didn't have a PC though =/

Edit: I know the opinion piece said nothing about footage, I was referring to the comment above which implied there would be.

DevilishSix2340d ago

Everyone should watch that clip, I think that guy could be better than say a hip hop gamer cause that dude was funny as hell. Not sure who he was or where his site is but props, boy.

sohaben2335d ago

I want to play on pc so bad for the mods, but pc gaming is so unnatural and clunky to me (i play xbox) ive tried pc games and i cant get the cotrol to work smoothly :(

JaxBeachSk8er2331d ago

i disagree. a few of my friend have a ps3 and some games just look better on the 360. They even agree'd lol. But if i had a PC that could hold skyrim then i would definitely get it for PC (only because on PC games they give you the option to up your graphics a bit. but its not really a huge difference). Otherwise i would say 360 is the way to go!