Top 10: Things that will make Mass Effect 2 magic

Videogamer (Formally known as Pro-g) Write:

"I'll preface this by saying that Mass Effect is an absolute wonder of a game. As I said in the review, it's a sci-fi fan's wet dream. However, we know that developer BioWare is developing Mass Effect as a trilogy, so, with that in mind, we thought we'd put together's Top 10: Things that will make Mass Effect 2 magic."

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predator3890d ago

ive yet to play the first 1, 2morrow cant come soon enough

PS360PCROCKS3890d ago

Oh man, just wait, give it a little time, it's so amazing.

PS360PCROCKS3890d ago

Sweet a ME story so I can share my thoughts. Let me start by saying I HATE rpg's. Absolutely hate hate hate them with a passion, I despised all the FF's I tried and got bored out of my mind with Oblivion. But I am absolutely blown away by Mass Effect, I bought it and was sooo worried I would hate it. But no this is an amazingly good videogame. I hate cutscenes, storylines and dialogue and things that make games drag on when I just want to continue playing, not here, I love everything, it's like your in a movie and you dictate everything. I spent 6 hours straight tonight just wandering talking to people and accomplishing small tasks til I became a specter and moved on. At times I forget their is even shooting involved in this game til I see the red triangles pop up and I am "Oh yea, sh!t! Their is shooting too" I don't know I could go on all night, I fuc*ing love this game, I'm not playing it now because people are hogging my TV. 2 problems I see are I hate elevators, lol waiting while you ride is boring for me, and I hate the film grain feature, the graphics look great with it, and superb without it, whoever chose to add that feature on for shipping is stupid, especially since screenshots are clear and dont look to even have that feature on. k I am done gushing

predator3890d ago

i started readin then relised u could go onto to plot, so not that im disrespectin u just dont want to spoil it for myself.

mesh13890d ago

haha if what they are asking for mass effect to seems impossible to me unless bioware is th ebest game devs in the world and are perfect onlien co-op play on an rpg pushign thsis type of grapics ? god game mags need to give me what they are smoking its not gears of war

InMyOpinion3890d ago

It seems like the gaming sites are doing everything in their power to keep you away from buying Mass Effect. Now they're telling us to wait for Mass Effect 2?

I haven't seen any articles or lists about what actually makes Mass Effect good yet, only a bunch of lame attempts to downplay it's greatness.

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