Gamespot: Uncharted 3 Review

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception continues where its predecessor left off, delivering a memorable adventure that pleases on all fronts.

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-Alpha2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

First time I can remember this gen or last when a 10/10 on IGN didn't mean a 10/10 on Gamespot.

DarkTower8052432d ago

I think the leap from Uncharted to U2 was so big, people were expecting the same leap from U3. When you reach a state of perfection there's only so much more you can do. I think that's where the 9/10s come in, in no way is it a bad score, in fact it's still an excellent score, but in a way U3 and ND are victims of their own success if that makes sense. That's my take anyway for what it's worth.

Ezio20482432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

you are right pal...:)
Still i believe Naughty Dog has got what it deserved...a 10 from IGN.


colonel1792432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

That logic is flawed because if the leap from Uncharted was so big, that impressed reviewers, and gave the game a 10, then Uncharted 3 is the same or better than Uncharted 3 (we all know is better) they should still give the game a 10 since there is no higher score.

If reviewers are actually basing the score on the leap the game made, then they are completely wrong! The game is not supposed to be reviewed on how much it improved over its predecessor, it should be reviewed over what the game is!

But sigh, we all know that reviews, specially this generation, are useless, and that the only true critic is oneself.

It's a shame that, even though I can't prove it, they probably already decide on the scores even before playing or finishing the game. They just want to create controversy by scoring one game better than other etc (that goes for most reviewers, not just gamestop, and does not include all)

-Alpha2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )


I'm surprised with how many 10/10s the game got that IGN is being held as the pinnacle Uncharted 3 review. I thought IGN's review was rushed junk. It barely discussed anything new and I walked out with just about the same as I walked in with.


UC3 was judged by its own standard and for the game it was. The review criticized UC3's own flaws, it barely compared it to UC2 anyway. It just brought up UC2 to tell you that if you expect the game to be as significant as a jump (and logically therefore superior) as UC2 was, then you may be disappointed.

And I don't know how you "know" UC3 is better, sounds like your the one who decided the score before you played it, not the reviewers. You can't just accuse them of creating controversy just because you disagree with the score :/

One game has to score better or equal to the other, but that game shouldn't necessarily be the sequel just because it's the sequel

DarkTower8052432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

@ colonel, this is taken from the Gamespot website on how they review games:

"We Take Time and Originality Into Account

We judge more critically as time goes by, because our expectations as game players are constantly increasing. When we review a game, we consider it at the exact point in time at which the evaluation is taking place (generally, the week of a game's release) and compare it to what we believe to be the current standards of quality at that time. In general, GameSpot does not favor highly derivative games, which mostly recycle elements from other, previous games. Instead, we appreciate original concepts and ideas that are executed well. This also means that each time an excellent game is released, it becomes incrementally more difficult for another game to be as good in the grand scheme of things."

The last sentence in particular highlights my previous comment.

Arnon2432d ago

There's even more flaws to your logic. If you reach a state of perfection, there ISN'T only so much more you can do. :P

Either way, Uncharted 3 is a masterpiece.

Skip_Bayless2432d ago

With 20 reviews Uncharted 3 still .06% ahead of the 360's version of Batman. Come on U3.. you can win GOTY still!

Ezio20482432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

@John Madden

Right now, UC3 is tracking a Metacritic score of 94 at 40 reviews whereas BAC is 94.6% at 56 reviews on XBOX...

only 0.6% more...i am sure as more reviews come by, UC3 will overtake BAC.

you guys can check if you want to.

BrianC62342432d ago

Anyone who would lower the score of Uncharted 3 just because it wasn't as big a leap as 2 was from 1 shouldn't review games. Uncharted 3 should have at least got a 9.5 from Gamespot. Naughty Dog did a lot of huge things in the game like the desert sand and water physics. The graphics are a lot better but not as much as 2 was over 1. The first game though Naughty Dog didn't know much about the PS3 yet. They used a lot of what they learned to make the second game look a lot better.

BrianC62342432d ago

"The game is not supposed to be reviewed on how much it improved over its predecessor, it should be reviewed over what the game is!"

I agree. How about letting someone who never played an Uncharted game play and review Uncharted 3? Some reviewers just don't get it. Adam Sessler at G4 was just as bad. He gave it a 4 out of 5. G4 gives out so many 5's and yet because Uncharted didn't impress Adam Sessler as much as Uncharted 2 did it only gets a 4? I really don't care what the scores are but I get tired of this same old nonsense. If Adam wants to compare Uncharted 3 to Uncharted 2 then he should compare every game to it since he must think Uncharted 2 is the best game. At the time it came out it definitely was but Naughty Dog did a lot in this game and some reviewers want to ignore that because it doesn't match up to what they think it should have. I guess if Naughty dog can make the second game so much better than the first game the third game should be as big a jump.

CryofSilence2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

If any "reviewers" give this game under an 80 (i.e. into the C range), they don't deserve to game. It's clear by all of the usual critics' acclaim that this game is something special. Honestly, with that in consideration, I can't see how any reviewer can place this into the 80s.

rumplstilts2431d ago

You know you're communities F****d when people on it feel the need defend 9/10 as a good score. It's a god damn incredible score!

Objective2431d ago

Many Uncharted crybabies.

Uncharted is probably the best single player adventure type game (actually I have to give Batman a go first before deciding that). Uncharted tells a wonderful story, has unparalleled presentation and production value and some of the best characterizations, so if drama and literature are your cuppa tea, Uncharted is probably perfect.

BUT there are those who look beyond the sheen and analyze gameplay elements too. So even as a single player, there are valid criticisms to be made about interactivity and the unchallenging platforming aspects of the game. Also, Uncharted has always been short-lived with a weak multiplayer. So if you look out for those elements, Uncharted is far from perfect.

Gears of War has a very average campaign, but the multiplayer element is so polished and engaging, some people are overwhelmed by it and they think it is a perfect game too. But of course those who don't prefer to go online will differ in opinion.

Review scores will vary accordingly for the reasons above. The task as rational people is to sieve out good reviews that make constructive points as opposed to unexceptional reviews that offer little insight. IGN's review was somewhat lacking in depth for example while Eurogamer's review was substantive in arguing it's points. As a rational reader, you aggregate the review scores and conclude that Uncharted is probably an impressive game, then you look at the substance of the reviews to determine for yourself if the game is one that suits your preferences. You don't go around creating conspiracy theories, demanding perfect scores and/ or insulting well argued reviews. That's just being childish and hateful.

3 great exclusive games have been reviewed recently. Judging by the comments that have been engendered by these reviews, I have to say there are significantly more PS3 crybabies. The proof is in the pudding, if you want the truth, just go read through the comments sections of reviews for Uncharted 3, Gears of War 3 and Forza 4.

Rageanitus2431d ago

IMO no game is perfect that is why whenever I see a 10/10 rating I usually just read what the acutal gamers have to say, and its best to build your opinion based on others constructive critism.

I think a 9/10 is a very fair score... only 1 more week to go.

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miyamoto2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

I will review the game myself dlcs included and share my FACTINION XD Anyway, at this point in time UC3 is already universally acclaimed and there is nothing haters can do about it.... score points & decimals are deciminated to irrelevance

Saruman2431d ago

By the wolves of Isengard, this is a good game!

Yomiro2431d ago

This what I don't understand why reviewing criteias like this applies only to few games?

SephirothX212431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Maybe it stuck too much to the same formula instead of trying enough new things. For example, Gamespot gave Forza 3 a 9.5 and Forza 4 an 8.5 due to similar logic. I haven't played it so don't know but after looking at the Gamespot video review, the only problems they had with it were stiff platforming (closed platforming or only one way forward in platforming sections) and in some very few non-impacting cases, flawed ai (ai hearing you perform a stealth kill at times when they shouldn't and sometimes they don't react appropriately when the player is attempting to kill them). Though the reviewer said the combat situations were very tactical and enjoyable and could be approached in many different ways. He also praised the multiplayer, especially the co-op. Now there is nothing UC3 does wrong that UC2 did right but it improves on UC2 overall. The reviewer also described the game as being "as magical" as UC2 and gave the game huge praise overall. Therefore, I think a 9.5 would have been a proper score to allocate based on his opinion of the game but it doesn't matter, the average is 9.5 anyway. Thus it seems to be an excellent game and an obvious day 1 must buy. There's nothing else to do but play it.

showtimefolks2431d ago

just because 9/10 is still a great great score. Only this gen many feel like if a game gets under a 9 its bad i mean come on man open your eyes and mind to games that are on the edge of greatness

UC3 should be getting above 9s if someone gves it a 8.5 its ok its not bad but if a site wants hits and give it 7/10 than you can not and should not take that seriously

If you played UC1-2 than you don't need a review plus UC3 story is better and much more mature atleast that's what the reviewers are saying

In my opinion when everything is set and done Uc3 will be the overall GOTY

showtimefolks2431d ago

but gamespot is the best gaming site and their reviews are spot on. Since the whole kane and lynch issue they have really changed their reviews nitpick yet give games good score. very informative reviews is what i am saying

This year gamespot became the most visited gaming sites on daily bases passing what is a disgrace to me and many gamers IGN.

also how can i forget them giving GOTY to demon soul when everyone was handing it out to UC2 which also deserved it

don't take any reviews serious, i watch or read the reviews just to get the general feel for how the game will be other than that a score number is just that a digit

miyamoto2431d ago

U know full well that the score did not justify the review of gamespot, do you? The only flaw he mentioned was he AI and a whole point was deducted. of all flaws!that thing can be adjusted in the difficulty.

miyamoto2431d ago

U know full well that the score did not justify the review of gamespot, do you? The only flaw he mentioned was he AI and a whole point was deducted. of all flaws!that thing can be adjusted in the difficulty.

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Serjikal_Strike2432d ago

dont watch video review...

clank5432432d ago

Plus, it's just a poorly spoken review. Just watch gametrailers if you want a video review, guys.

floetry1012432d ago

I actually though Gametrailers review of UC2 was waaaay more in-depth than UC3. In fact, I watch it frequently. I think it's the best review they've ever done.

videoxgamexfanboy2432d ago

Oh god they gave it a comes the gamespot haters...

videoxgamexfanboy2432d ago

Give what a rest the truth? Dont act like some ppl on this site dont get mad when a ps3 exclusive like u3 gets less than a 10. Im sure ur one of them. I played the mp and i can tell u that it is not a perfect game just based on that. I think a 9 is a good score for this game.

Biggest2432d ago

Seriously. Give it a rest.

Pacman3212432d ago

Great logic there "videogamefanboy", by playing the multiplayer a bit you've come to the conclusion that the entire game is a 9/10.

Kingdom Come2432d ago

Here come's the, "But Gears of War 3 got a 9.5!".

Ninver2432d ago

who cares? if u only have a ps3 then gears reviews are irrelevant.

Kingdom Come2432d ago

Judging by the hate in Forza 4 review articles, Xbox reviews mean a lot to PS3 owners.

Silly gameAr2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

From what I saw, Forza reviews were kinda ignored, unless they threw GT comparisons into the mix which half of the Forza articles tried to do. Other then that, it was pretty much whatevs.


No, I've been ignoring the U3 review comments for the most part because instead of people giving props on the score, we're more likely to see comments like yours.

Plus I already know I'm getting a great game when I tear it out of the wrapper on nov 1.

Pacman3212432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

I knew someone would mention gears. Tbh it took quite a while, maybe n4g is actually maturing.

StanLee2432d ago

It did?! Seriously, who keeps track of stuff like that?

Kingdom Come2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Perhaps Gears fanatics such as myself who were waiting for the embargo to drop for their favourite franchise and their favourite reviewers (Gamespots) review to land. I'm a fan of Uncharted also, but I just know people are going to come in and call Gamespot the worst reviewers and yet IGN of whom received nothing but hate prior to yesterday are being bowed down to as gods. Reviewers have different opinions, the N4G's PS3 fanboys don't realise that.

Papertiger2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

The fact that you generalize ps3 owners as a whole, does absolutely nothing but show your ignorance. Not to mention you bringing up the score of gears of war 3 which no one had in the first place until you game along. Who does that other than a fanboy?

15 comments in and out of them NOT ONE PERSON had even mentioned gears of war 3 or ANY 360 title of the sort until you brought your ass in here. Way to go! You certainly showed them!

Its like the pot calling the kettle black.

Pintheshadows2431d ago

You sir are getting a bubble for that. He is calling all PS3 owners fanboys but can't seem to realise that he is in fact, a fanboy.

Mykky2432d ago

When reviewers review a game they compare the game to the other games on the same platform. Super mario Galaxy could never have got a ten if they also compared it with ps3 and 360 games.

Chidori2432d ago

Why? Because it isn't HD or is lacking blood and guns? That's absolutely retarded. SMG 1-2 are a masterpiece, regardless of what console it may be on.

Mykky2432d ago

Oh damn!...
Chidori I completely agree with u, but what I meant was: Super mario Galaxy could never have got a ten IN GRAPHICS if they also compared it with ps3 and 360 games.

I can't even edit me last comment ._.

clank5432432d ago

I really enjoyed Gears 3. I don't know if I "9.5" enjoyed it, but it was a very well crafted game. Uncharted 3 is more my style because I like single player games more, but Gears 3 had some really fantastic multiplayer with a strong single player campaign and deserves that score in many people's eyes. Uncharted 3 has and will get plenty of praise and a 9/10 is a great score for a game with such high expectations. People need to get a grip on the fact that different reviewers play these games. It's not just one guy, and each reviewers point scale will be a little different.

Gamer30002432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

"Here come's the, "But Gears of War 3 got a 9.5!"."
there is always an answer to that
here goes :
uc3 10/10 from IGN >>>> 9/10 gears3
metascore 93% and it will get more >>>>> 91% gears3
uncharted 3 will always win

and Get Ready for tons of game of the year awards for uncharted 3

GS give GOTY to Demon Souls(ps3 exclusive) in 2009
yet that didn't stop uncharted 2 from getting the most awards in history

_Aarix_2431d ago

And only got a damn 9 from ign I mean c'mon gears 2 got a 9.5 and gears 3 was a giant leap and improvement when it came to EVERYTHING. That and te fact that lost odyssey got a 7.5 instead of a 8 or 9 proves ign is nothing but a 2-faced P.O.S.

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