Head2Head: Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Texture Pack Screenshot Comparison

Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! While we wait for our full analysis on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of DICE’s Battlefield 3, we wanted to show you the differences between the Xbox 360 version with the HD texture pack installed and without the HD texture pack installed. The winner out of these two is pretty “clear”

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RudeSole Devil2433d ago

OMG without the texture pack the 360 version looks like a PlayStation 2 game.

SantistaUSA2433d ago

the difference is just insane! hopefully everyone has enough HDD to install the HD texture pack.

I'm wondering if there is a performance hit when HD texture is installed.

retrofly2433d ago

No there is no performance hit, this has been confirmed by DICE and people playign early copies.

Becuase its streaming textures from the harddrive its much quicker than doing it from the CD.

Infact some say there is less texture pop in with the Texture pack installed to HD.

MaxXAttaxX2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

What if I have an Arcade Xbox 360 with no HDD?
I thought a 360 disc would have enough space to hold HD textures.


humbleopinion2433d ago

Arcades should also have no problem when installing the texture pack to a memory card / USB drive.
Not installing this pack seems like a crime: without this texture pack it looks like a PS2 game, but with it the textures surpass the ones we see with the mandatory install on the PS3.

jetlian2433d ago

your trying to hard lol. The textures are on the disk lol. the problem is the dvd drive cant stream fast enough.

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4022433d ago

the difference is massive but it doesn't look like a ps2 game without it or do you think it looks as bad as this

no it doesn't infact even without the high res textures it looks better than most console games including the call of duties, homefront, halo 3..etc

Joe Bomb2433d ago

For a second I thought they compared a N64 game with Battlefield 3. Come to find out, that's actually Battlefield 3.

zeksta2433d ago

..Without the HD pack.

Tempjf2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Omg seriously, why in the world was the texture pack just not included in the first place? To have an optional install after the game was developed is really silly and seems like poor development...

StanLee2433d ago

I think Battlefield 3 has the single player and multiplayer on separate discs. Don't quote me on that. There probably just wasn't enough space on the single player disc for the HD textures so an optional install would give those with a HDD the opportunity to experience to game as DICE intended.

retrofly2433d ago

Its for people who don't Xbox's with Hard drives, if it wasn't optional they wouldn't be able to play it.

It's also on another disc becuase it doesn't fit onto just one.

Legion2433d ago

Correct... the texture pack used in BF3 doesn't work properly directly from the disk and needs to be loaded onto the HDD (both PS3 and Xbox 360).

MS doesn't allow mandatory installs on the Xbox 360 due to the different system configurations that don't have HDD. PS3 does not sale a non-hard drive system and thus allows mandatory installs and actually relies on it for many of their titles due to poor speed of Bluray disk, and better reading of data from hard drive.

Both systems have installs that include the texture pack, Xbox 360 install is just optional due to the multiple system configurations.

MasterCornholio2433d ago

That is considerate of dice. They could have just been lazy and just release the game with the standard texture packs and nothing else. It's good to see dice go the extra mile with this title.

All I will say is that those peole who refused to play more for a 360 with a harddrive are going to suffer because of this. But hey it's their fault for buying the arcade not Microsoft for sell it.


retrofly2433d ago

Lol at the disagree.

Anyway, HDD for th 360 are pretty cheap now, you can get the 250GB for not a lot of money now, and it was pretty easy to migrate from an old HDD to a new one.

Picture_Dancer2433d ago

Poor X360 core/arcade owners.

Legion2433d ago

All they have to do is download the texture pack to a 2GB USB stick attached to their Xbox 360 and they will be set too.

Doubt that any gamer who doesn't have an HDD will be core enough to care though.

Legion2433d ago

Obvious that the texture pack is a much better look then non-texture pack! The first image alone shows that. (what is that... spilled milk??) But why did they use a blurred picture for the non-HD picture in the group shot? (which appears to be broken down into separate shots to pinpoint areas??)

You can see clearly in the full shot on the last pick that the photo they used was blurred. Just look at the foot of the soldier and the gun that appears transparent.

Was that to exaggerate texture comparison? Shouldn't they at least get a quality grab of each version before they start comparing?

A-Glorious-Dawn2433d ago

oh so now lense of truth don't capture properly.....

I've been saying this for ages, they capture horrible screenshots that make any game look worse than it is..

Digital foundry are the way to go...

Legion2432d ago

I never really noticed any issues with Lens of Truth in most side by sides.

Just obvious in this picture that the main picture used for each of the sub spot comparisons as seen on the last shot in full, is totally caught in between a frame with blurred graphics. Doesn't seem to be difficult to think they should get a clean shot to compare?