Five Things Wrong With Assassin's Creed...

OXM US explain five things wrong with Assassin's Creed that do matter:

OXM US Writes:

"1. The side missions are painfully repetitive.

There are only six types of side quest: pickpocket, informer, eavesdrop, interrogation, save citizens, and view points. But there's freakin' 210 of them in the game. I played every single one of them, and good lord do they get old in a hurry. I love Ubisoft's ambition in terms of scale, but guys – you gotta back that up with the kind of variety that'll hold my interest longer. Medieval assassins must've had more ways than that to get info on their targets!."

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Neurotoxin3892d ago

There is only one thing wrong with Assassin`s Creed.....

..... Its a Expensive Case With Free Defective Disc on the PS3, It simply doesn`t work.

Skerj3892d ago

Damn I didn't know there were 210, I did all of them too and yes they were VERY repetitive. I'm hoping they get their stuff together for the next one because it could be so dope from the storyline placed down in the first one.

Multigamer3892d ago

wont be playign this till crimbo

Agente473892d ago

I agree with all of those points.

predator3892d ago

ive yet to play it so cant judge but im really looking forward to playing it

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The story is too old to be commented.