New Skyward Sword Details from Iwata Asks

Iwata: To begin, rather than making another field similar to the ones in previous Zelda games, you instead pursued the interest factor of playing in places familiar to the player. Would you consider talking about why you decided on that sort of structure?

Fujibayashi: We were told at the very beginning by Aonuma, the producer, that we ought to make the game compact.

Iwata: So you mean that this time, it was Aonuma who told you what Miyamoto had been saying all along. *laughing* It is a little silly to make another field that just extends in all directions, its only feature being its width.

Fujibayashi: That's right. I thought that by making a field with vertical depth instead of making one that got wider and wider, players would get new surprise and enjoyment out of it each time they visited.

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