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Jen Alaggia wrote: Peter Molyneux, I'm finally onto you.

Look, Fable and The Lost Chapters expansion were great. And after they came out, it almost didn't matter that you overhyped it all to hell, because they were still fun. It was almost refreshing to play a clever, simplistic RPG that did retain at least some measure of game-changing choices. You got to choose from one of four whole endings! That's pretty intense right there. With Fable 2, your team really improved on the game a lot. It had a better flow and a more expansive world, and even though you could turn a female character into a veritable amazon with just a couple of points in the Strength skill, it even looked a bit better. The spell system was refined and there were even more options for totally messing up your appearance. Good for you! We even got away with minimal hype on that one.

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