Neocrisis: Gamestop Battlefield 3 Midnight Launch

Neocrisis: I just got my copy of Battlefield 3 and have uploaded a few videos from the launch.

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xPhearR3dx2276d ago

My Gamestop is on my block, got the game at 12:01, started installing disc 1 by 12:03. I'm really impressed with the game so far, have a few gripes but nothing too big. Too bad I got work tomorrow :(

BiggCMan2276d ago

I had the game preloaded days ago, and found a crack for it today so I was able to play earlier this afternoon way before all my friends. Play games sooner on PC :P I uploaded a video running the game at ultra settings though if anyone wants to take a look.

rbluetank2276d ago

i just got back from my gamestop as well... the grip i have so far is the game manual if you can call it that...WTF EA this game manual is the shietties i have every seen.. it is one page fold three times in black/white for ps3. Yes they have digital game manual but i like to read the game manual without using my ps3.. i hope this not the coming standard of games to come... i will let people know about the game tommorrow....

Spitfire_Riggz2276d ago

Im sorry dude but this has been the standard for a bit now. Idk well the new games ive gotten have had in game manuals

Shadowaste2276d ago


just spent the last 3.6 hours playing, only stopping to snack and type this!

running in 1920x1080p
all ultra
ssao disabled(i don't like it on my tv, 55" samsung, and it's a performance hog"
AA maxed

60 frames solid, newest nvida drivers released today.

runs perfect.
looks better than any multiplayer game EVER made.
sound quality is the BEST i have ever heard in any game.
charachter movement is flawless.
hit detection is perfect.

so far at least, game is a 10/10

the only few games that look better in a few spots are;

crysis 2 dx11 texture pack
crysis 1 dx10 with heavy mods
the witcher 2 in some spots
metro2033 dx11 maxed in certain areas

all the above in single player

bf3 is with me and 63 other people running around blowing shit up and certain maps look as good and sometimes better.

Kudos Dice!!
Great game!!